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Tragic hero:Oedipus Part 1 and 2

By: Shawn Thompson (Gangster)

Shawn Thompson

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of Tragic hero:Oedipus Part 1 and 2

What I learned in boating school is ....

By:Shawn Thompson
Intro to Foundation and Engineering

10th Grade
Lot of life lessons
Lots of firsts
Changed my life
How has your social media use and awareness changed ?
With great power comes great responsibility

I am not ready.
How has the use of media/technology in this course furthered your understanding of
the world you are about to enter?

How have your views on advertising changed and developed over this semester?
There are a lot of them
How has your understanding of the media’s influence creating reputations developed
over the course of this semester?

Not very sure?
Ten Tips
2.Your NOT as cool as you think
3.Get good grades NOW
4.The Parties get better
5.Find a balance
6.People change!
7.He's your boyfriend not you husband
8.Find a teacher and make them your friend
9.Chill out
10.Going to the mall is no longer the move
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