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Global Warming

A prezi_ntation for the school subject English Content: * what is global warming? *facts and statistics *what can we do?

Cezary Oziemczuk

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Global Warming

Cezary Oziemczuk a What is
global warming? Facts
Statistics what can
we do? Global Warming incrase in the average temperature of air Global
Warming unusually fast temp. rise caused by human activity greenhouse gases infrared radiation shrinking arctic sea ices
rising sea levels
changing weather patterns
extinction of many species Aftereffects * * * * * Facts and Statistics * 1906-2005 average rise 0,74 degrece C. * 1998 warmest, 2005 2nd warmest year * sea level rise: 1m through 2100 * CO2 and CH4 highest in past 420,000 y. * arctic sea ice: 10% decline last 30 y. what can
we do? * CFL-bulbs * Avoid heavily packeged products * driving efficient cars * buy local products thank you for listening!
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