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This is the vocabulary presentation for the word "nuance" one of the most common words used in academic English!

Marie Levey-Pabst

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Nuance

Vocabulary Prezi #4: Nuance


Slight difference


A very slight, but meaningful difference in meaning, manner, color, etc.
Your turn
I have a very nuanced idea about the issue ___________________. I think ________________________ _____________________________.
My idea here is nuanced because __________________________ _____________________________


• While I might think that our lunch should be longer, my ideas are more
than someone who thinks lunch should be one hour long, no matter what.

• In order to explain the
of my ideas in writing, I have to use a lot of signal words like "but," "therefore" and "however"

Basic Thought:

Students shouldn't have any homework at all

Nuanced Thought:
Students should have homework that makes them learn in new and exciting ways outside of class. However, homework shouldn't be just worksheets
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