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5.1.2 Burn Unit

No description

Rebecca Kever

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of 5.1.2 Burn Unit

5.1.2 Burn Unit Rebecca Kever
Shelby Wright
Period 2 1st degree burns 1st degree burns 3rd degree Fourth Degree Burns First degree burns are classified as first degree burns because only the outermost layer of the skin is burnt, but not all the way through. Symptoms red skin
pain First Degree Burns Sunburns 2nd Degree Classification: What classifies a second degree burn is when the first layer of skin is burned through, and the second layer (called the dermis) is also burned. 2nd Degree Symptoms Blisters will develop
Skin will be extremely red and appear splotchy
Sever pain and swelling 2nd degree Electrical or other minor burns Treatments for First Degree Burns run burn under cool water
treat with aloe vera or ointments The most severe types of burns, it effects more than the skin including the skin and bones. There also could be some substantial nerve damage, these burns are also fatal. If one survives, skin grafts are essential. Fourth Degree Burns Symptoms Severe pain! Fourth Degree Burns Treatment Treatment: Skin grafts, cosmetic surgery, medications and ointments, debridement (removal of dead tissue) Cool burn under running water
Cover with gauze
Take pain reliever for the pain Ouch! 2nd degree Conclusion Questions #1 Classification: Conclusion Questions #2 Conclusion Questions #3 This is when all the layers of the skin get permanent tissue damage. 3rd degree Symptoms: It is wise to give a burn patient "broad-spectrum" antibiotics in order to fight off any kind of infection that could have gotten in the burn. Conclusion Questions #4 Lack of pain because nerve ends are destroyed
Leathery skin
Discolored, such as black, brown, or yellow Pain can be a protective mechanism because once you feel the pain you want to do anything you can to discontinue that feeling so you teach yourself to deal and avoid that same kind of pain next time. 3rd degree Treatment: Call 911 right away
Do not remove clothing from skin
Do not run under cold water
Elevate burn body parts
Cover with a moist cloth 3rd degree Someone with third degree burns will feel limited or no pain because they destroyed their nerve endings. Homeostasis may be disturbed by second degree burns because these burns destroy both the epidermis and dermis. From these burns there may be an imbalance in in fluids and electrolytes, which would disturb homeostasis.
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