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Male Dominance in Sports Through Media

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Jaycelyn Kim

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Male Dominance in Sports Through Media

Jaycelyn Kim Male Dominance in Sports Through Media & Media Treatment of Female Athletes "an ideology of male superiority" The Media Image of Sport & Gender: PRODUCTION Amount of Coverage in a study over 6 weeks, 92% of air time was devoted to men on television sports news coverage
in a newspaper studies, men's sports stories outnumbered 23 to 1
in Sports Illustrated, 90.8% of articles featured achievements of male athletes; the few articles that did feature women were shorter in length
in Australia, only 2% was devoted to women's sports in major city newspapers women's and men's sports are differentially constructed by the media, contrasting the portrayal and depiction of male athletes and female athletes sports/athleticism = showcase for men's dominance and masculinity women's entry into this sporting world and increase of female athletes = invasion; threat to the predominant masculinity The Construction of Men's Sports & Male Athletes
The Construction of Women's Sports & Female Athletes the under representation and disproportionate coverage of women portrays the inferiority of women and male dominance in sports "symbolic annihilation of female athletes" Intentional Audience Building "the framing of media" media creates this "hype" for men's sports events that women's sports lacked, making men's sports more appealing, newsworthy, and important
sports media tends to neglect and discriminate women strategies used to build an audience for men's sporting events: airing many regular season games = familiar with teams and players
numerous tv/print ads as games approach, compelling pregame shows, sparking anticipation and interest
counterarguments SYMBOLIC DOMINANCE attribution of strength and weakness symbolized male superiority, while sexualization and objectification of women portrayed subordination of female sports
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