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Mason's ralph project

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Mason's ralph project

Ralph 1 (Physical Description)
"He was old enough, twelve years and few months." He was tall, had wide shoulders and a softness around his mouth that made him look likeable. He liked to dance ,stand on his head and laugh. pg. 10
Ralph 2 (Action 1)
" Ralph shook the sand out of the tube" and he blew into the shell. Boys came from everywhere. The boys wanted Ralph to be a leader and have meetings. One of his rules was whoever had the shell in the meeting could talk.
picture 2
Ralph 3 (action 2)
Ralph made Jack a co-leader.

"Jack's in charge of the choir. They can be what do you want them to be?"
pg. 24

Jack and Ralph liked each other and liked co-sharing the responsibilities of the boys.
Picture 3
Ralph 4 (Action 3)
Ralph and the boys went to the mountain to gather sticks to make a fire. But no one had any matches. They were successful when one of the boys took off Piggy's glasses and used it as a tool to make the fire. The reason for the fire was to signal boats out to sea to rescue them.

Ralph said" so we must make smoke and fire on top of the mountain." pg. 45
Picture 4
The end



1st period
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