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No description

Sandra Banna

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of CELL ANALOGY

The cell to Attack on Titan

Long ago humanity lived in constant war against each other. For years upon years they battled each other and killed constantly. It wasn't until the first titans (abnormally large beasts with the resemblance of humans) appeared and began to devour the humans left and right. Much of the human population was destroyed and the remaining bunch gathered together and found safety behind the walls. Only the truly daring volunteer their lives to the military to stop their livestock way of living and to win against the titans.
woohoo B)

Wall Maria and Wall Rose
Wall Maria and Wall Rose are the outer and middle walls that humans take refuge in. They stand 50M tall to protect the humans from the lurking titans outside. The Stationary Guard man the walls and allow who or what comes in or out just as the cell membrane does through selective permiablilty.
Land and houses inside
The inside of the walls is where humanity resides. Because of the safety provided from the titans, the inside land area is what keeps everyone intact just as the cytoplasm keeps all the organelles inside the cell.
Wall Sina
Wall Sina houses the vital information of the survival of humanity. It is the innermost wall and within it lives the king, high officials, and the Military Police. They are the control center that decide all of the actions for humanity to carry out just as the nucleus controls what goes on in the cell.
The military
The military is composed of three seperate corps; the Scouting Legion, the Stationary Guard, and the Military Police. The military work together to provide for the needs of the people by gathering information about the titans to make ways to defeat them just as the mitochondria converts chemical energy to ATP for the cell to use.
Smooth ER
The initiation process
Before anyone can join the military, they must go through training. But before even begining their training, they are tested to see which ones can handle the presure of being in the military. In this initiation process, the weak are taken out of the program just as the smooth ER removes toxins.
Rough ER
The horses
Humanity does not have an advanced mode of transportation. They rely on their feet or horses to get around. The horses transport the military around the reservation just as the rough ER transports proteins throughout the cell.
military training
When a trainee goes through the military training, they are being built to become official military members and help humanity in many different ways just as the ribosomes create the proteins that serve many different purposes in the cell.
Golgi Apparatus
Once a trainee has finished his or her military training, they go through a graduation in which thet choose which military corps they want to join and are sorted to their proper unit just as the golgi apparatus sorts and packages the proteins for transport.
the medical team
The medical team is small division in the military that specializes in getting rid of the undigested human corpses left behind by the titans after an attack. This is like the lysosomes which get rid of waste within the cell.
the headquarters
All throughout the reservation, the military has several buildings that serve as headquarters for the region in which it's located. They store supplies such as guns, blades, and gas. This is like the vacuole which stores extra supplies for the cell.
The secret titans
In the story, a shocking fact was revealed: there are gigantic titans residing inside the walls that are supposed to protect from the titans themeselves (So far in the story only one has actually been seen, but we know there are more). These titans provide the support for the walls just as the cytoskeleton helps shape and support the cell.
the regular titans
These are just the regular man-eating titans that humanity fears. In the story, a titan called the armored Titan succesfully breaks through Wall Maria and many titans invade the inside of the first layer of the reserved land. This causes many of the humans to move into the other inner walls. These titans can be like the flagella which help the cell move. The titans did cause humanity to move and led to a series of events that made the Scouting Legion try to reclaim their land.
Armored Titan breaking
through Wall Maria.
The medical team is going around cleaning up the corpses after the titans attacked
combat training

stanima training
headquarters of the Trost District being taken over by titans
titan inside Wall Rose
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