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feudalism , Renaissance , Reformation By : Ashley Dekam

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robert magyar

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of feudalism , Renaissance , Reformation By : Ashley Dekam

feudalism , Renaissance , Reformation By : Ashley Dekam
2) The peasants and serfs had to do all of the work
for the Kings and Queens.
3) The king had the right to start collecting
taxes and make a lot of laws
4) Feudalism is all about protecting , when the peasants do a lot of work and farming and then the King protects them.

5) The lords protcted the vassals and knights.
1) Martin Luther believed that the pope was lying about how people go to heaven.

2) Many people created religous churches in Europe because ,of the reformation.
1) The kings and Queens are the people that
are controlling the land.

3) The church gave out indulgences for they to sign for they can go to heaven
4) A protestant was someone that was against the Catholic Church.
5) Many heretics admitted to wrongdoing because they were punished by the Inquisition, or Church court.

1) Art during the Renaissance changed dramatically because it was now more realistic and in perspective.

2)During the Renaissance , ancient Greek and Roman works became popular.

3)Renaissance means rebirth this means that Europe began to learn, discover, and reasons again.
4) The printing press was helped by
many Europeans gain knowledge because books were printed much quicker than before .
5) People became more secular because they are all focused going to heaven and all their religion. They also begin to celebrate when people achieves things.
some examples of feudalism: 1) Your Mom and Dad because they want to protect you from like danger and feudalism is about protection. 2) Another example is the movie series Twilight because The vampire's protect each other for getting attacked by the wear wolves and that has to do with feudalism.
Examples of Feudalism!!!!!!!!!!!
example of Reformation!!!!!!!!!!!!
1) one example of Reformation is like the People voting for the presidents The presidents want the people to believe them so the make the other person look bad this is like the reformation because the pope wanted the people to believe that he would send them to heaven.
examples of the Renaissance
1) One example of the Renaissance is
like 3D sculptures, movie and art. This is
an example of Renaissance because in that time period they made the printing press to make books faster and art and literature was also really popular thats why i choose like 3D......
That is an example of one of the popular arts in the
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