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Science Ch. 5 S. 2

No description

Courtney St.John

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Science Ch. 5 S. 2

fuels form ? How do fossil Over time, the sediment is compacted and slowly becomes rocks. All fossil fuels form from the buried remains of
ancient organisms. When microscopic sea organisms die, their remains settle on the ocean floor.There, the remains are buried in sediment. Through physical
and chemical changes
over millions of years,
the remains of the
organisms become
petroleum and gas. Gradually, more rocks form above the rocks that
contain the fossil fuels. Under the pressure or overlying rocks an sediments, , the fossil fuels can move through permeable rocks. Permeable rocks are rocks through which fluids,
such as petroleum and gas, can move. The formation of petroleum and
natural gas is an ongoing process. Part of the remains of today's sea life will become petroleum and natural gas millions of years from now. Hoped you liked my Prezi!
By: Courtney St. John
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