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Fire Resistant Balloons

Science Fair

Kierra Jackson

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Fire Resistant Balloons

Fire Resistant Balloons Description A air balloon burst while a water balloon does not. This happens because water is a great conductor of heat and does not allow the balloon to overheat. Why my project is important My experiment is important because if you have a party with candles and balloons and something goes wrong, put water in the balloons and they will not or will pop. QUESTION TIME ! Things you will need if you do this project Balloons in different sizes water in different size cups for example: 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 cups, and balloons small, medium, and large. A timer, bucket, and the results. Other Questions to Think About What time will the balloon pop?
If the water balloon does not pop when should you move it, and when should you stop counting?
Who should you tell to move back and cover their ears?
How long will you be counting?
Will you be startled when the balloon pops? fire resistant video What happens when you put fire to a balloon? Does it happen all the time? + + + = +
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