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External Analysis Walt Disney

No description

Дө Г.

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of External Analysis Walt Disney

External Environment
Analysis of the Industry Environment
Environmental factor
In 1923, Walt Disney Company was established first known as The Disney Brothers Studio by Walt Disney and Roy Disney.


The Walt Disney Company is campaigning together with its subsidiaries and affiliates by 10 members of BOD and 15 members of Management team.







Table of contents
PESTEL Analysis
Porters Five Forces
Thank you for your attention
External Analysis of Disney

-3D movie technology has gained popularity
(8 films were released in 2008 : $500 million box office
30 films were released in 2015 : $3.8 billion box office)
-Advances in computer technology to enhance animation
-Delivery speed of online content
-Prevalence of online content
-Latest gaming technology for various age groups abroad cruise liner

Digital displays in the parks
Offer apps for smartphones
Sell ticket online

-Tax benefits for the animation industry
-Trainings are on the rise
-Facilities are provided in the special economic zone
-Political differences are on obstacle to
International Trade
-Tighter regulations regarding products safety

The legal department supports and provides legal
advice to the entire Walt Disney Company, including the theme parks, studio, media networks, consumer products and interactive media group. The work of the group covers a wide array of areas of specialization, including:

Intellectual Property
Regulatory Compliance
Business Conduct
Corporate Affairs

The Walt Disney’s employment law included:

“Discrimination in hiring, firing,” and various other aspects of
employment based on:
 Race
 Color religion
 Sex
 National origin

The prohibition of discrimination in the hiring, promotion, and compensation processes to those persons with disabilities, and also requires employers to make “reasonable” accommodations for them.

Disney Safety and Security
is a division of
The Walt Disney Company
responsible for workplace and guest safety, security and loss prevention at Disney resorts, theme parks, studios, corporate offices and Disney Cruise Line. This division also defines policies and programs for Disney's online presence and consumer products.
Disney company policy does not allow employees to carry weapons, including security personnel. It was recently discovered within conversation between Orange County law enforcement and some Federal Agencies , that Disney does have an armed section to its security personnel.

Opportunities & Threats
Opportunities for Walt Disney
• Extend Disney’s presence to developing countries. Like India and Dubai where infrastructure and demand is high (TV, Movie)

• Improve its branding through technology. Nowadays more and more children are starting to spend most of their time on the Internet, specifically social media websites. The Walt Disney Company can brand itself on these websites instead of branding themselves on T.V because les children watch T.V now.

• Expand to different sectors. Consumers will want to buy its products because of its popularity all around the world. Find one that’s easy to penetrate.

• Localization. Localization is the biggest threat to Disney. Singapore: Universal Studio. India: Adlabs Imagica, Esselworld, etc.

• Changes in values and culture. Children nowadays expect to hunt monsters and shoot the villains due to video games and PlayStation. Thus the old values and cultures are slowly dying and changing.

• Operating cost is huge due to Human resource expenses. Disney land requires a huge number of human resources to make it run. Similarly the operating expenses for a channel like ESPN.

• Intense competition. Disney’s parks and resorts business segment also receives strong competition from local competitors who can offer better-adapted product. More Pressure.

• Increasing piracy. With an increasing number of internet users and the speed of internet, this poses a great risk to Disney’s income, as fewer people would go to watch movies in a cinema or buy its DVD, when it’s freely available online.

• Strong growth of online TV and online movie renting. Subscription to online TV streaming and movie rental websites costs much less than to usual cable television providers. In addition, internet infrastructure is often managed by different companies, thus taking the power away from cable network providers.

• Vulnerable to recessions. When there is an economic recession, people have less money to spend on vacations due to loss of jobs or increased prices of essential items such as clothing and food.

• Rise in Gas/Airline Costs or Travel Expenses

• Increase in R&D in healthy active lifestyle

• Intense Competition. Companies like Universal Studios compete with the Walt Disney Company in the entertainment industry. Universal Studios also makes movies that appeal to children.

The major point is that Walt Disney is still one of the strongest brands in the world. Although it has several threats, it can be overcome if the company goes local and starts attracting the local crowd and the next generation of developing countries. If Disney does this, it will definitely be a complete cash cow in its business.
-Media network
ABC owned television studio
Disney channel
A&E television networks
Disney media distributions
-Parks and Resorts
14theme parkers
43 resorts
4 Cruise ships
-Walt Disney Studios
Disney Music Group
Marvel Studios
Pixar Animation Studios
Disney Nature
Touchstone Pictures
-Disney Consumer

Disney licensing
Disney Publishing Worldwide
Disney store
-Disney Interactive
Disney Interactive Media
Disney Interactive Games

Orin C. Smith Robert A. Iger
Director since 2006 Chairman, CEO

Mission statement:
-To be one of the world’s leading
procedures and providers of entertainment and information.
Vision statement:
-Making people happy

Walt Disney Company has upheld a strong commitment and responsibility to conserve natural resources by seeking to establish and sustain a positive environmental legacy for Disney and for future generations.

- reducing emissions
- ecosystem conservation
- connecting kids and nature
-water and energy conservation

Waste minimization:

Ecosystem conservation:
Caring for wildlife and animals

Connecting kids and nature:

Reducing emissions:

Water and energy conservations:


Target market
: 4-12-year (around 25.8 million kids)
Secondary target market: 35-55

Majority of Business
Parks: 90% come from 1hr or less commute
Cruises: 70% are American
Studio: Mostly families with 3-12yrs

According to the last Census
More guys than girls enjoy Disney
Wide variety of products
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