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Moose and Elk

What you need to see a moose and elk.

Mag Lovett

on 11 February 2012

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Transcript of Moose and Elk

How to find a moose or elk gear Boots Binoculars moose call scent Block camo ATV What moose eat 1.water lilys 3.cat tail 2.sticks 4.weeds 5.Grass What elk eat Moose and Elks predators. 3.Black bears
4.Brown bears 5.mountain lions 1.grass 2.Elk weed 3.Choke cheries 4. Pine needles 5 Willow Elk 2.Wolves 1.Grizzly bear 6.People Things i like about moose and elk. They taste AWSOME They look cool they make realy cool sounds and have realy impressive antlers that is where you
should look for Moose that is where you
should look for Elk

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