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Stephan Demmer

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of http://www.maximalemarketingpro.nl/wp-content/uploads/2013/0

What is marketing?

What is marketing?
What are they doing on a marketing department?

3 concepts
Production concept

Sales concept

Marketing concept
Definitions of marketing
blz. 86
Organisational objectives
Private sector aims
Profit maximalisation
Public sector aims
Proving good service
Limiting cost
Meeting quality

Public Sector
Philosophical targets
Marketing objectives

Different than organisational objectives

About gaining
Market leadership
Market share
Increasing brand awareness
Surf naar:
Introduction to marketing
Unit 3
6 p's
3 m's
2 d's
Structure of the lessons
Instruction of the learning material by:
The book
Tasks for the class
Working on your assignment
Hand in moments:
P1 -> 9 September
P2 -> 16 September
P3 -> 23 September
P4 -> 30 September
P5 -> 14 October
1 week holiday 17 - 23 October
P6 -> 28 October
Last 2 weeks finalize unit
Complete unit 3 -> 11 of November
Bij de uitleg van de stof/theorie probeer je actief mee te doen.
Vragen mogen ten alle tijde gesteld worden.
Je mag mij onderbreken (zolang het betrekking heeft op wat er gebeurd)
Probeer altijd eerst te reageren in Engels, fouten maken hierin maakt niks uit.

Wat niet te doen?
Storend gedrag die niet betrekking heeft op het geen wat wij aan het doen zijn.

Aan het werk met de opdrachten?
Rustig aan het werk, er mag rustigoverlegd worden
Je kunt altijd vragen stellen
Describe how marketing techniques are used to market a product.
Investigate the techniques of marketing. Do a blind product test by for example your family or your friends. Describe how marketing techniques are used in combination with your product test.
Give a clear description in your own words that includes all relevant features. You should refer to the organisations’ corporate objectives and their marketing objectives as well as their growth or survival strategies, branding and approach to relationship marketing.

Subjects in unit 3
Market research
Pestle & SWOT
Ansoff matrix
Do a blind product test by for example your family or your friends.
Explain the term:
What is marketing?
What is the difference between production concept, sales concept and marketing concept.
Ansoff matrix

Describe the:
Corporate objectives -> the organisation of your product
Marketing objectives -> the organisation of your product
How does your company brand your product?
What is their positioning?
Do they implement brand extension?
What kind of relationshipmarketing strategy does your organisation implement?
Apply the ansoff matrix on your organisation

What is marketing?
Das auto
De vriendelijke specialist, ..?
Why can we remember all these things?
What is marketing?
Train people to remember
Create creative commercials, advertisement and promotional stunts)
Psychology, brainwash people
Client service
Most important: find the needs of customers by doing market research
Marketing objectives
Growth strategy
Na 3 jaar binnen de markt van op maat pakken een marktaandeel behalen van minimaal 2,17%.

De spontane naamsbekendheid van MijnMotorPak ligt na 3 jaar op 10% van de motorrijders die een motorpak op maat ambiëren of nodig hebben.

Binnen 3 jaar 5000 likes op facebook.
Brand extension
Brand positioning
Relationship marketing
Customer card
Christmas card
Sales staff at the shop
Takes time
Identify brand values
Make sure their promise of their brand
Advantage of branding
Influence buying behaviour/ koopgedrag
Stick in customers mind
Able to charge a high price
Easily to bring out a new product because
of good experiece with your brand.

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 8
Unit 9
Unit 10
Unit 12
Unit 18
Unit 36
Unit 39
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