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Soviet Satellite States

No description

Anastasia Poole

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Soviet Satellite States

The Cold War
The USA was becoming concerned with the sphere of influence that the Soviet Union was beginning to have. Truman saw the aid given by the Soviet Union as an attempt to further spread communism. Stalin believed that he could ensure support by setting up Soviet controlled governments in Eastern Europe. These contrasting ideas caused a worsening in the relations between the US and USSR
Western Europe and USA had a very contrasting opinion to the Soviet union and Soviet influenced satellites.
How they were set up
In return for financial, economical and medical aid, the Soviet Union-
-Set up Coalition governments, which shared power with other parties
-The communists took over the civil services, media, security and defence.
-Opposition leaders were arrested or forced to flee.
-Elections were held, ensuring communist support.

Countries liberated include...
Europe and USA
Western European countries and the USA believed that the Soviet Unions motives to expand were to achieve a greater sphere of influence and spread communism throughout Europe. They were adamant to allow USSR to expand due to previous events that occurred with Hitler.
Soviet Union
The Soviet Union thought they were responding to the USA's marshall plan and attempts to place European countries under the economical and political influence of the US. USSR believed that the USA were following their own ulterior motives and started trying to support Eastern European countries themselves, to prevent the US influence. Stalin believed that he could only ensure support by making a communist government.
Soviet Satellite States
World War 2 had very negative effects on Europe and caused large amounts of damage on infrastructure, agriculture and the economies of the countries. USA and the USSR began aiding these countries; USA created the Marshall Plan. In response to the Marshall plan, the Soviet Union created Comecon and Cominform. Stalin used these two organisations to liberate and influence Europe. The countries liberated by USSR were then called Soviet Satellites.
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