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on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of HUMAN RIGHTS

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Human Rights can be practiced by not killing or shooting any wild animals that you see around us. We also need to take care of the plants and trees around us so we won't get sick or the animals don't get sick from eating it too.
Social Studies
Human Rights can be practiced by taking care of the land and making sure that we protect the land from any bad things that can possibly happen, like wildfires. We also want to treasure the historical places like Statue of Liberty in New York , Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and The Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Human rights can be practiced by not making fun of people who speaks and talks in Spanish. We need to respect the language and instead be able to learn and understand it. It is fun to be able to know a different language and it will be helpful if you go to different places.
Language Arts
Human rights can be practiced by writing appropriate articles concerning the rights and problems of the people. Also, by doing research on different problems of the rights of the people so we know how to counter or fix it.

We can make sure that the human rights are good and safe for the people so no one gets sick or hurt later. We always think of the people's good health here and that the human rights that we practice here will bring good things to the people like healthwise.

Human rights can be practiced by being able to solve the economic problems that humans have right now.
By putting all our thoughts and knowledge together, we can all be united to help and spread the idea of how important human right is to everyone to make a difference in the country where we live.
Electronic Publishing
We can put up ads and banners so people will be aware of what are human rights all about. We can also let people know on how they can make a difference in the country through this ads that we have put up for them.
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