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Pictures of hollis woods

No description

Vanessa Raso

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Pictures of hollis woods

Hollis is in foster care
The "W" Picture
Strongest subjects
Excelled in the following:

Delineation of characters
Delineation of setting
Appropriateness of style
Delineation of characters
Truly feel for Hollis
Not too obvious
Characters well understood
Hollis's Backstory
Delineation of characters
"I curled up in bed, looking
out the window at a
pale moon and trees
thick with snow, thinking
I'd never seen anything
so beautiful,” (Page 146)
Deserve the honor?
Well written
Creative and Unique
Very detailed
Pictures of hollis woods
By Patricia Reilly Giff

What happened to the Regans?
Josie, another mom
The Regan family: The Old Man, Steven, and Izzy
She is always between families
Delineation of setting
Detailed explanation
Easy to picture
Could understand what was going on
Delineation of setting
“There was a green house where the door didn’t quite close; the wind blew in and up the stairs, rattling the window panes. The white house: crumbs on the table, kids fighting over a bag of wonderbread. The yellow house: sooty, a long haired woman with braids, no rugs on the stairs, the loud sound of feet going up and down.” (Page 4)

Appropriateness of style
Pictures before each chapter
"Second Picture" (Page 12)
"The Time with Josie Chapter 2" (Page 18)
Piece together
Very different
Pictures of Hollis Woods

Patricia Reilly Giff deserved Newbery Honor in 2003.
Well Written in:
Delineation of Characters
Delineation of Setting
Appropriateness of Style
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