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Exploring 'HUMANITY'

No description

Vipul Kumar

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Exploring 'HUMANITY'

A child took to robbery to sustain his family daily needs...if rendered education, things would have change for the better. Why do such a condition arises?? Being a politician's son, he escaped trial even for murdering a guy. That's misuse of power and way of nurturing inequality & injustice. Should power & wealth come in way of equality?? Exploring 'HUMANITY' A beggar is denied entry into the temple...is it that he would pollute the environment of temple or is it he doesn't have the right to pray Does human rights ply only for the well-people?? A guy serving life sentence for a crime he hasn't done...an example of a sloppy judicial system at place. Do we care?? Is it that 'humanity' exists just as a mere phrase in today's world or is it still mortal in our

I present before you pictures of my journey to explore humanity and questions arising from them...

"The Cases" Will we ever learn from ideal examples of humanity...or just talk about them?? Mahatma Gandhi..raised his voice against untouchability & discrimination and preached non-violence We, the people have lost our voice to protest against wrong...

We have turned blind towards suffering of fellow humans... A wave of positive change needs to take off...a chain of worthy actions needs to spark off.

An IDENTITY of human being needs to be rebuilt!!! These cases led me to introspect myself & self-realization...

Do I Care?
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