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mattie yerxa

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Art AOK

Art answers personal questions.

For the artist:
What am I feeling? The physical representation of my emotions

For the audience:
What does this art make me feel? The emotional response to art

Ways of Knowing
Art is a medium through which emotion is expressed and translated
Art is personal, up to interpretation
Art can trigger an emotion by using colors, sounds, and storylines to connect with the audience
It can remind the audience of their own life, or it can evoke empathy

Connections to CAS
almost every type of art created involves creativity
the creation of the art involves action
ex.) dance is an art that
producing art for charity or helping people create art

Comparing Math and Art as Areas of Knowledge
Good Art vs. Bad Art
International Perceptions
Different cultures have different views of what is art.
Culture is essential in influencing what individuals find beautiful or interesting
Art reflects an artist's view of the world and ideas, both of which are influenced by that artist's environment
Questions that art as a way of knowing is equipped to answer
Knowledge Claims of Art

People tend to get upset about what art is, whereas in other topics (AOK) there is not as much conflict.
Maybe because it is purely human creation, it is purely up to human interpretation

Knowledge Questions
How does this art make me feel?

Does art have to make you feel something?

Why do I like this art?

Why do I think this is not art?

What influences people to create art?
Questions that we ask when we are experiencing art

Art and Math are interrelated
- writing proofs
- creating new equations
Math represents potential limitations on art
- art is personal interpretation, while math is generally accepted as fact
-people can’t agree what is art, but can what is math
-people keep trying to make art mathematical, but may (debatable) take the soul out of it- art has patterns but maybe not limitations
Sense Perception

While emotion is more important to art for the meaning of it, sense perception is used to experience the art itself
Seeing, hearing the art
Art aok
What is Art?
Critical Features of Art:
Is there such a thing as good art?
Bad art?
Is there a different between bad art and not art?
Mask (kifwebe)Songye people, Democratic Republic of Congo
19th century

Chinese Traditional Music
Peasant Woman from Muscel

by Nicolae Grigorescu (1874)
Art must instill emotion in the viewer
Emotion and Sense Perception used in Tandem to Understand Art
Sense Perception: experiencing the art

Emotion: interpreting the art

Both ways of knowing are for personal, and not shared knowledge, so that is why art is subjective. Not all people see/hear/read the same thing, and not all people interpret it the same way.
Using Art to Make Knowledge Claims
Historical Claims
- art can give insight into the beliefs, events, appearances of a given time period
-ex: painting of the bastille

Cultural Claims
-give insight into the beliefs, events, and appearances of a particular culture
- ex: ritual dances that show the values of African tribes
Art is not always a trustworthy source for historical claims
-Representation of a person's view of the world so it may not be entirely accurate
-ex: Boston Massacre as a propaganda
It's personal rather than shared knowledge so art does not represent universal truths

Not as clear-cut as other areas of knowledge

We struggle to define art

However, those vulnerabilities allow art to grow.
How can we gather knowledge from a personal knowledge source?

How can personal knowledge be shared with large groups of people and impact society?
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