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Hanny Yeung - Prezumé for Prezi Ambassador 2015-16

Best viewed in fullscreen. Created in 2015.

Hanny Yeung

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of Hanny Yeung - Prezumé for Prezi Ambassador 2015-16

Prezumé for
Prezi Ambassador
Born and raised in Hong Kong S.A.R.
Came to the UK
University of Exeter
BSc Psychology
Sep 2013 - Jul 2016 (expected)
Expected grade: 2:1

Social Service Subcommittee
Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society
Organised 8-week voluntary computer course
for elderly in Exeter
Technology Champion
Students as Change Agents
Hosted demo session "Save Yourself Time with Referencing Tools"
for Psychology department
Hanny, Hang Yu Yeung
Skills & Experience
Change Agents
Student-led projects
Improve teaching & learning at Uni
Technology Champion
Focus on the use of technologies
Improve digital literacy of staff and students
Campus Activities
I am proud to be a technology enthusiast
Technology is everywhere, now & in the future
Everyone has to use it, but are they using it effectively?
I want to share my enthusiasm and skills with the people around me
I constantly demand quality from myself
I do my best to create something as beautiful as possible
I believe it is the most effective way to leave an impression
Just like the Prezi team,
I love to delight.
Be a man for others
My principle of working & living
High sense of responsibility
Always empathetic
I work excellently with people

by the Career Zone, University of Exeter
Career Skills
Effective Presentation Skills
Professionalism in the work place
Project Planning
Project Management
by Will Page, Exeter Student Engagement Officer
Being a Trainer
The principles of training
Managing groups
Training techniques
Communication & Delivery
I also learned that...
even the smallest details like
Signposts for participants
Room temperature
are as important as the focus of the presentation
...and I am confident in being an
effective trainer
I actively identify and update myself with the design trends of modern society
I believe...
Clean, and sleek .
everyone likes them
Tools are for using
Don't know
Basic operation
Very confident
I am always prepared to
learn whatever tool that will
help me achieve my goals

...and that is how the
list above was created
Senior Patrol Leader
Air Scout Troop, 2009-2010
Team Supervisor
In Express Expo Limited, 2013 Jul
Class Teacher
Access Hong Kong, 2014 Jul-Aug
1 Dan Black Belt Holder
HK Taekwondo Association, 2009-Present
Administered a class of students aged 11-13
in a 3-week summer course
Managed a team of 20 crews
over a 5-day cross-cultural exhibition
Organised weekly meetings, training & leisure camps
for 100 scout members over an academic year
Led a class of 20-30 Taekwondo students
during 2009-2011
In big and small groups, I usually assume the role of leader. I stress discipline, respect and organisation towards others as much as I do to myself. I am well-equipped to take up the challenges and workload in running a school-year long project in my campus.
I am meticulous.
This unnecessary space never appears in my work.
Setting up
Proposed name & logo,
which will always be displayed together with the official Prezi logo
Recruit 1st year students during Freshers' Week
For students
Present with
Teach with
Nov 2015
Jan 2016
Mar 2016
Feb 2016
Oct 2015
Advanced Skills 1
Advanced Skills 2
Re-Introduction for January Intake
Staff Participation
Differences against PowerPoint
Starting an Edu plan
Basic navigation & functionality
Templates, design & backgrounds
Principles of a good Prezi
Interactive Demo Sessions (Duration: 1-2 hours each)
Market Research
Investigate the popularity of
in campus
and people's experience in using it
Record manually after face-to-face promotion
Integrate surveys into sign-up forms
Managing images & backgrounds
Grouping & animations
Strategies of positioning frames
The importance of overview
Creativity & The Big Reveal
Keyboard shortcuts
Combining templates
Utilising vector graphics
Integrating with other software
Remote presentation
Advanced Skills 3
Prezi CSS Editor
To be determined...
Prezi Experience
Duration: 1 hour every week (adjustable)
Setting up a seminar room
for anyone to come & ask questions
Solving problems
Generate creative ideas together
Comment on & improving their Prezis
Presentation rehearsals
Getting featured in Exeposé

Joint-society activities

Collaborating with Career Zone

Collaborating with Technology Champions
My willingness to serve, and share without compromise
Scout Service Award 2009
"He showed patience & paid attention to the students in need. His responsive attitude creates a cooperative environment amongst fellow interns."
"Hanny is one of the brightest students I’ve taught. Enabled by his exceptional presentation skills, he handles unexpected events calmly and flexibly. Having a strong charisma, he is influential and convincing."
The best person
for the job

Dec 2015: Term 1 ends & Christmas Break
Apr 2016: Term 2 ends & Easter Break
Ongoing Publicity
Dedicated Pages / Profiles on Social Media
Electronic Posters across Departments
Dedicated website
(if suitable)
I love
Toggle music
Sharing ideas
with passion
The most popular suggestion for future sessions
A Prezi Ambassador is needed
for the entire campus
Prezifying campus
Hanny Yeung
Thank you for watching
Avatar graphics designed by
Background Music:
Side Path
Kevin MacLeod
Over 3 hours of
public Prezi presentations
during 2012-13
Inspiring & assisting others for years to create their Prezis
understand the principles of a GOOD prezi
My Profile
Exeter, Devon
was making better visual aids for presentations
applying for Prezi Ambassador 2015-16 at University of Exeter
Highly positive feedback
Wah Yan College, Kowloon
HKU SPACE Community College

Principal's Honours List
Cumulative GPA: 3.85/4.00
Associate of Social Sciences
Inspired by Prezi in 2012,
& used extensively during the degree

Recruit from all departments
Printed & electronic posters
For staff
the student-run newspaper
Also, I am fluent in English,
Skipped Months
Expectations partially/fully met
44 students signed up after 3 days' promotion

93.4% positive feedback
"I thought the session was brilliant- detailed and very helpful."
and get people using Prezi
when people enjoy looking at your product,
they will like your brand as a first impression
before considering anything else.
How have I created this Prezumé with style:
Shapes & fonts
Perfect & dynamic
Harmony & comfort
Least amount of elements
Contrasting colours
Subtle shadows
Flat graphics
Lots of experience
Verbal compliments from lecturers
"Some of the students made it confusing, but it's a pleasure to watch yours."
"Literally delivered all necessary messages in a clear way."
"Even in university, I still refer to your previous work in community college."
Feedback from peers
Voluntary Organiser
HK Psychological Society, 2013 Jun
Contributed in hosting the Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference 2013
& Event Management
achieving IELTS 7.5 in 2013
Informative resources
Promotional material
Workshop content
Previous Research
Q: What did you find most useful in this session?
Session Focus: Referencing tools
Set and Forget / Word Styles & Templates
Set and Forget / Word
People didn't know / use them in MS Office
However they are the most accessible core features in Prezi
They are going to love it
& sign-up instructions
Tips & tricks with screenshots: "Did you know...?"
e.g. you can split / rearrange text by dragging the handle on the left
Workshop materials
(inspired by Tai Tran the former Prezi Ambassador at UC Berkeley)
Feedback forms
News & articles about
Featured Prezi blogs
Tutorial videos for intermediate+ operations
Selected good & bad Prezi examples
Joy Wong
Council Member, Access Hong Kong
Bill Lee
Senior Lecturer, HKU SPACE CC
"Hanny has been one of the best Technology Champions we have had this year. Over the course of the academic year he has worked independently to deliver a high-quality event and undertaken extra-curricular training to become more effective at supporting others. This experience, plus his natural creativity, puts him in excellent position to be a Campus Ambassador for Prezi.”
Tristan Cann
Digital Literacies Assistant, University of Exeter
Fonts, lines & frames
I appreciate & share Prezi's sense of design,
and would like to influence others to also create elegant presentations
Default width decreased over the years
Slower pace!!
They like screenshots
No need to emphasise shortcut keys for beginners
Learn from feedback
Pressing NEXT will return to my overview, for you to explore interactively.
Modern Standard
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