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Y9 AppShed - Lesson 1

Getting to grips with AppShed

Andre Persaud

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Y9 AppShed - Lesson 1

10 Minutes to practice
Explain Appshed 4
Time to pay attention.
What Is AppShed?
AppShed is a website where you can create apps for your mobile device.
Let's investigate this website
Build a basic app on Appshed - 5
Time to have a go
How to log on to AppShed.
How to pick a pre-planned app idea and design.
How to follow the instructions to build a simple app.
How to explore existing apps.
How to Identify requirements.
Lesson Objective
Is to learn about using Appshed.
By the end of the lesson I will be able to:
Explain how to use Appshed - 4
Build a basic app on Appshed - 5
Compare different apps for mobile devices - 6
Use Firefox or Chrome, and type
Press this button
Then this
Put your school username here.
Use your school password.
Type this number here.
Tick this box
When you get to this screen
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