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on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Arkansas!!

Sweet Arkansas A.M class
Economics & recourses....
Arkansas has the only U.S.A diamond mining.
population is 2,949,131
The mountains, national forests, and hot springs attract more than 20 million tourists each year.
Arkansas trees are used to make lumber, paper products, and furnitire

Historic Fun Facts....
By: Maraeya and the one and only Taylan!!
10 facts about Arkansas....
The state bird is the Northern Mockingbird.
The state insect is a Honeybee.
The state animal is the Whitetail Deer.
The capitol city is Little Rock.
Things to do in Arkansas is diamond mine.
The abbriveation for Arkansas is AR.
The Razorbacks are Arkansas collage football team.
The word Arkansas is pronounced (Arkansa)
The state flower is the Apple Blossom!
The state tree is Pinus Taeda
Cities: Little rock, Fayetteville,Hot Springs, Fort smith, More
The nicknames are The natural state, The land of opertunity.
The state beverage is milk
lets look at some pics of the Northern Mockingbird, Wightailed Deer and the Apple blossom.....
4 labeled maps!!
This is a Economic Recourse map.
This is a road map
This is a Topigraphel map
This is a Political map.
Famous people....
Maya Angelou
Johnny Cash
William Jeferson Clinton
Scottie Pippen
In 1838, Arkansans finally had enough people ( 60,000) living in the territory to apply for statehood.
Statehood funfact here
Scottie pippen
Piney woods is seen from loop 390 outside of Marshal, Texas.
The entire state gets around 70 inches of pretection( snow and rain) annually.
Arkansas is mostly warm and humid everywere.
The Arkansas river divides the state almost in half
Population: 2,949,131
Capitol: Little Rock
State abbriveation: AR
Govener: Mike Beebe( democrat)
U.S senetors: John Boozman(republicans) Mark Pryor
US Represenitives= 4
Republicans= 4
state senitors: 35
state representitives: 100
counties: 75
Little rock....
Little Rock is in the capitol bilding.
The population in Little Rock is 195,314 ( 2011 )
Hot springs....
Hot Springs is the 11 largest city in Arkansas and the county seat of Garland .
The population of Hot Springs is 35,587
Histrory location
Bill Clinton's boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas
diamond mining....
This is the place were people go to Diamond Mine.
Piney Woods....
The Piney woods is a great place to hike,take walks, and EXPLORE!!!!
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