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Charday Batac

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Historicity

Albert Dondeyne
Man is a historical being
historicity is rooted in the structure of our being human
a history-making existence
Man is a historical being
historicity separates man from animals and plants, etc.
"In a given situation, animals cannot take an autonomous attitude and new horizons cannot open before them because they always react in the same way."
Man's sharpened consciousness of historicity
Man, formerly, was not keenly aware of the historical nature of his existence
Belief in the idea of fate and faith in the divine providence

Inevitability of the past to the future
Christian middle ages: Replacement of fate with faith in divine providence
Historicity of man was not fully taken into account
Resignation became a trait of the medieval attitude life
By: Charday Vizmanos-Batac
Ph.D. in Economics student
Albert Dondeyne
Belgian Catholic priest of the Diocese of Bruges, philosopher, theologian
Professor at Catholic University of Louvain
deeply influenced by phenomenological studies of which the Higher Institute of Philosophy of Louvain has become a center (Friedrich, 2007)
* Man as a historical being
Man's pre-philosophical experience of historicity
* Properties of our being-man as constituting the three components of historicity
Belief in
Will of the
Divine Providence
The inevitability of the past is purely consequent, its necessity merely follows the actual events.
"It is my fate...to be young and pregnant."
The development of science and technology influenced man's thinking
Pre-philosophical experience of historicity
What is historicity?
Man's awareness of himself as a historical being is contained in the way man EXPERIENCES, PURSUES and ACCOMPLISHES his being man everyday.
Man's first experience of historicity is when he learned how to call things by their proper names
Introduced to "history" or to the series of dateable events in the past
For Dondeyne, beneath the definition of history is the deeper meaning of historicity.
Men will not become great if they only underwent events.
Our being-man has three properties which also constitute the three components of historicity:
(1) Man as embodied spirit

(2) Man's being is "being-together"

(3) Man lives in time
Man as embodied spirit
not a pure spirit nor a lifeless body
exteriorize ourselves
show ourselves to others
potency to act
Man's being is being-together
To be man there should be mutual giving and receiving, listening and speaking by means of "work"
Man lives in time
Erroneous definition of time since it only represents the "lived experience of time"
Husserl stated that time refers to the lifestream of presence
A thing that is real is whatever we meet in an experience of presence
Man is a HISTORICAL being.
Events of the past
Fleeting now of today
New now
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