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xena glocal

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of PROGRESSplus

is a training course for EVS mentors.

from August 31st
to September 5th

Profile of Participants:
EVS mentors at the beginning of their career, with a concrete project in which they are already working or about to start working

- to deepen knowledge about and reflect upon the concept of mentoring
- to connect personal experience of being a volunteer/a mentee with the concept of mentoring, and transform this experience into practical ideas
- to overview the tasks of an EVS mentor and learn practical ideas, tools and methods to be able to carry out these tasks efficiently
- to experiment with tools and methods which can be used by mentors
- to reflect on the role of the EVS mentor in the Erasmus+ programme
- to deeply understand and explore the EVS framework, seeing the restrictions and possibilities inherent in the structure (EVS as a process: before-during-after, separating the role of the mentor and that of other parties involved in an EVS project, priorities of the programme, inclusion issues, recognising key competences, Youthpass, etc.)
- to share experience, fears and doubts, just as well as good practices of mentoring; to word feelings and motivation
- to empower ‘beginner’ mentors to feel safe and competent, identifying the competences needed for a mentor, encouraging self-evaluation and the revision of strengths and weaknesses and offering resources to support further professional development
- to connect participants, creating a supporting “network of mentors” of them, which can be used also after the course

Agenda of the activities
What do I need to bring with me?
Tel: +39 348 8198188

Tel: +39 347 4610556

Xena Office:

+39 049 875 23 22

Attention!!! Remember to bring with you all the things that you think you could need in those days (ex. medicines, tobacco etc.)
because could be difficult to reach shops close to the place.
- 20 Euro for participation fee (this fee will help to give you the best accomodation for the project, for info or if it could b a problem to participate please contact us)
. Travel costs will be reimbursed, according to the rules of European Programme ‘Erasmus+’, to a maximum of 275€, including flights, and local transports.
For more information about the world of ecovillages:


2- GEN Europe

3- GEN World


The training will take place in Torri Superiore Ecovillage (www.torri-superiore.org), Italy.
Travel info:
From the airport (Nice, Genoa or Milan) you should take a train to Ventimiglia. You can find time tables at www.trenitalia.com (the page is available also in English).

Once arrived in Ventimiglia, go out of the station and go straight ahead, and then, when you reach the first big road, Via Cavour, turn right. The bus stop is just a few meters ahead, under a big tree. There is no bus stop sign, but you can see that it is a bus stop because normally there are a lot of people waiting there (and also, there are no other big trees nearby ).

The bus to Torri runs at 11.30, 13.30, 15.20, 17.30 and at 19.40. (Sometimes it is a little bit late.) It is a small bus, and it has no number, but “Torri” is written infront of it. You can buy a ticket (for 2,50 Euro) on the bus. You must get off at the end station, Torri.

- some drinks or sweets from your country, leaflets or films about your organization, or any other thing you would like to share with the others about your country or your organization (we won’t make a regular “intercultural evening”/”organizational fair” but there will be some space for sharing)
- mentoring tools that you use with your volunteers (e.g. evaluation questionnaires for EVS volunteers, learning diaries, etc.)
- cd-s, musical instruments for the final party
- towels!!! (the guesthouse will give you bedsheets, but no towels!)
- socks (to stay in the training room without shoes)
- swimming suit and comfortable trekking shoes (if you want to discover the area in the free afternoon)
- anti-mosquito spray (if mosquitos trouble you)
- pullover (we are in a mountain area, so in the evening sometimes it is not so warm…)
- cigarettes, cash, medicines, sanitary pads or anything you may need, keeping in mind that we are not in a city so there is no bank, supermarket, pharmacy, etc. nearby!

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