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2015 Disc - cover lyrics & review for AOS

The Herd 1000 Lives & Conor Oberst Night at the Lake Unknown

Julie Bain

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of 2015 Disc - cover lyrics & review for AOS

1000 Lives
The Herd
Future Shade (The Herd) THE AUSTRALIAN OCTOBER 08, 2011 12:00AM by Stephen Fitzpatrick
Listen to the song and identify different aspects of discovery
Don't look back, hoping for the same
'cos from where I've come I've changed
How to explain the hundred lives I've lived
And the thousand more I've craved...
Examine texts by asking the following questions
What initiates discovery in the text/s?
How is discovery realised for people (individuals, groups, societies), places (psychological, physical, spiritual), things and experiences (past and present?
How do textual features build representations of discovery?
What are the outcomes the discoveries within the texts?
Now for something completely different: The performance
Listen to the lyrics and note where you think aspects of discovery are represented
what are those aspects?
what adds to the discovery in the song?
what impedes discovery?
are the discoveries positive or negative?
how do you know that? (examples?)
what does the song uncover?
2015 HSC - Areas of Disc - cover-y! Uncovering how meaning is made in texts

Using texts in the Area of Study
HSC 2015
Analyse the ways meanings of discovery are represented within the review in The Australian?
Consider meanings of phrases like: '...new ways have emerged of...
expressing it
refining it
making it personal.
...the Herd is no longer entertaining audiences of hoodie-wearing 18-year-olds
...she sings back to life the frantic journey Urthboy (Tim Levinson) tried to make to his own grandmother's deathbed.
...final chorus for a gently declamatory "Well I wonder what kind of song I would play on a day like today..."
The Lyrics
This time read the lyrics (same song) and write down the aspects of discovery you see.
are they the same as the ones you previously heard?
if they're different how does that help (or hinder) your discovery about how you interpret aural and visual texts?
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