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my prezume

Please, let me introduce myself

Anna Vidovszky

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of my prezume

my name is

my strengths
my professional experience
my passion...
Please, let me introduce myself.
In 2011, I was nominated ...
and awarded as "Inspirational Woman" by
ÉVA magazine for designing FOVEO - a rocking incubator for premature babies.
for problem solving
critical thinking
creating good products
... has helped me to became a successful Product Manager
developing (both physical and software) products
by leading a team of designers, developers and engineers
while keeping the product's vision intact
and enjoying the whole process
ability to empathize with users
being able to inspire team members
willing to comply with management
good personal skills
And I believe that is possible if you are as enthusiastic and committed to the job and to the product as I am.
I have graduated at BME, Budapest
as an Industrial Design Engineer at 2010.
This was originally my diploma thesis.
I am all you need in a great Product Owner, who is always looking to grow!

Please, contact me with your questions, at:

Thank you for your time!
Today this project is in prototyping phase. We have started the clinical testing recently in the most progressive NICU in Budapest.
In the past 5 years I have been working with clients like Electrolux, Siemens Healthcare, Alere, Diatron and more.
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