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5 Themes of Geography: Ancient China

No description

Zara M

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography: Ancient China

Place: Cultural
The Great Wall
Location: Absolute
Longitude: 121°27'29" E
Latitude: 31°13'19" N
Location: Relative
NE from the Bay of Bengal
E from the Pacific Ocean
E from Japan
NW from the Tropic of Cancer
Thank you!
Place: Physical
Summer rainfall will come from the southwest to give water for farming
5 Themes of Geography: Ancient China
By: Zara M.
Movement: Of Goods & Ideas
Silk Road
The Gobi Desert
Yellow River
Yangtze River
Statue of Buddha
The Forbidden City
(in Beijing)
Shang Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
Qin Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Movement: Of People
The Spread of the Han Empire
Winter rainfall will come from the northeast providing rain for farming to the northeast
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