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Ashley Ragonese

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Hauts-De-France

By: Ashley Ragonese

Sites and Monuments
1. Vimy Memorial
This is a WWI site in which tourists can tour old war bunkers and tunnels .
2. Old Stock Exchange
This is a historic stock exchange located in Lille one of the more popular communities in this region.
3. Notre Dame de la Treille
A Roman Catholic cathedral that serves as a national monument of France. (located in Lille)
Works Cited
Hauts-de-France is located at the north east border of Belgium, and it borders the English Channel to the region's northwest. It is also bordered by the North Sea
It's major cities include : Lille,Amiens, and Roubaix all having populations of about 100-200 thousand people.
The departments of the region include Nord, Pas de Calais, Somme, Oise, and Aisne.
This region has typically cold winters and cool summers and it remains humid.
The northern area is primarily made up of flat lands, as you travel south the hills begin to rise. Since it is bordered by water a lot of the land here is below sea level.
The regions flag is titled as "Lion of Flandres appearing"
There is not a very good agricultural industry here and it only employs about a percent of the population, but the leading crops are wheat, barley, sugar beets, and potatoes.
They historically have a strong industrial industry, specifically in clothing and textiles. Also in iron and steel production and heavy coal mining.
However the region is in efforts to diversify the economy by developing the automobile industry.
They speak Flemish, French, Dutch and English.
It is known as the most "English" of the regions and is always filled with American and British tourists.
It is also very sports oriented being that before 2012 it was an Olympic training base.
A common tradition includes similar traditions to Belgium; carnivals, and parades for celebrations.
They are noted for their top-notch foods including cheeses such as Mariolles.
Unlike other regions they are more famous for their beer than their wine.
Another popular food is seafood. Since this region is practiacally surrounded by water.
They also have many sweet shops that carry a very popular sweet, " Bêtises de Cambrai"sweets.

The region is still officially called "Nord das Calasis Picardie " it has held this name for centuries.
However now that it encompasses different areas of land, it will be called "Hauts de France" which roughly means upper France, or the heights of France.
this name will be sent to the Conseil d'Etat before October 1st 2016.
It takes up about 31,815 km of land.
Lille is known as the "principal city" for this region.
It was previously a town called "Lomme"
It's known for its many squares in which people can shop or sight see.
It along with Amiens is a popular tourist location.
Ammiens is known for its cycling routes which are commonly used by tourists as an activity but for many that live in the area it is a popular way of transportation.
There are also many neighborhoods or communities within Amiens that have dignifying characteristics such as Saint-Leu, St-Maurice, Henriville, and Saint-Acheul.
This is the second largest city within the region based on population following Lille.
This is the third most largely populated city or community within the region, since it has an oceanic climate due to its position within the region, it is known for "bipolar" weather conditions.
There are many old factories that are used for tourists now that were once textile factories.
It is split into 5 districs, the souther, northern, eastern, western, and central districts. This is due to administrative zoning. Within each district are about between 4-9 neighborhoods.
Pain d'épice
Pain d'épice is comparable to American gingerbread
It is described as a spice cake and although it doesn't originate from this region, most restaurants here have this listed on their dessert menu
What I Have Prepared:
Miss France
Sophie Garenaux
She has contributed to this region in many ways.
Not only has she taken the title of "Miss France" representing the Hauts de France region but she also has participated in many recycling organizations, city clean ups .
Last but not least she has donated much of her winnings to local charities.
Although she may have done these things just to better her chances of winning her pageants she still did them though so it counts.
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