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Design Thinking IICIES 2014

Design Thinking in SBM-ITB

Bayu Harjakaprabon

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Design Thinking IICIES 2014

Design Thinking in Indonesia
What Is Design Thinking?
1. A Design Methodology
2. A Problem-Solving Approach or Process
3. A Creativity Approach
4. A User-Centered Approach That Brings Design into the Business world
some authors characterize Design Thinking is a more creative and user-centered approach than traditional design methods.
Baeck & Gremett (2011)
Design Thinking is particularly useful for addressing so-called "wicked problems".
Design Thinking is creative process based on the "building up" of ideas.
Analytical approaches focus on narrowing the design choices.
Design Thinking focuses on going broad, at least during the early stages of the process.
Baeck & Gremett (2011)
Design thinking methodology can be applied in life's situation.
It is often used to explore and define business problems and to define products and services.
Design Thinking brings the design approach into the business world.


Observe: view users and their behaviour in the context of their entire lives.
Engage: Interact with and interview users.
Come up with an actionable problem statement.
Focus on idea generation.
Process of "going wide" in terms of concepts and outcomes.
a prototype can be anything that a user can interact with - be it a wall of post-it notes, a role-playing activity, or a storyboard.
place prototypes in the appropriate context of the user's life.
Thank You
(d.school, Stanford, HPI)
(d.school bootcamp bootleg 2009)
Companies and Government don't solve their problems anymore.
With the internet, people start sharing their ideas and also sharing their problems (no boundaries).
The world is getting more dynamic.
Government doesn't know what to do instead of making more rules.
-Kees Dorst, 2012-
Knowledge was focusing too much on individual rather than working with teams.
BCCF: Design Action Bandung
Bandung Creative City Forum
Design Thinking
Design Thinking Process
Bandung and BCCF
Design Action
Our Government needs our help
IBM Survey: more than 1.500 CEO's reports that creativity is the single most important competency for facing the complexity of global commerce today.
Most businesses today realize: key to growth and survive, is innovation.
civil society
Bandung's key stakeholders
-Ridwan Kamil, 2012-
R. Bayuningrat H., Rendra Chaerudin
Design Thinking is not just a process.
(team, process, space)
Design Thinking in Indonesia has started to be implemented. (Academics, Businesses, Government).
In Bandung's case the Design Action initiative has implemented design thinking to it's municipal government.

Further Research: socio-cultural and economic impact from design action results.
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