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5.02 Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies

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Camille Cormier-Cheney

on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of 5.02 Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies

Catherine the Great is known as the longest ruling Woman of Russia.
Mary and William are known for the Glorious Revolution.
How do these absolute and Constitutional Monarchs compare?
How do Catherine the Great and Mary and William compare?
Catherine began her rule after her husband, Peter III, was assassinated. During her reign Russia grew rapidly. Its borders spread to the Black Sea and Central Europe. She claimed to be following in the footsteps of Peter the Great and even had a statue made of him. Catherine supported modernization and promoted the education of her subjects.

William and Mary gained the throne when Parliament decided they didn't like Mary's father, James II. They offered the position to Mary and William and they took it. The moment they arrived, James fled. This was called the Glorious Revolution. When they were crowned, they took an oath promising to keep the country Protestant. They agreed with a
proposition that Parliament made that restricted the freedom and abilities of every ruler that would come to follow. William himself was not well-liked by the people, however, all of the people loved Mary.
Catherine the Great ad the power to do whatever she pleased. It would seem as if no one had any control over her actions and laws and choices. William and Mary were restricted in every move they made. They had quite a bit less power than the monarch previous to them. They couldn't even marry a catholic person if they so wanted.
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