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Michaela I was a sixth grade alien

Michaela Cox


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Michaela I was a sixth grade alien

I was a sixth grade alien
By: Michaela Cox
5th grade
Mr. Poveda's Class
Author: Bruce Coville
30 Vocabulary Words
#1. Scampered:
To run or go quickly and lighty. To hurry.
#2. Squawking: To complain or protest noisily.
#3. Puzzled: To clarify or solve something.
#4. Brief: Short in time, duration, lenght or extent.#5. Throbbing: To beat rapidly or violently.
#6. Molasses: A tthick syrup produced in refining raw sugar and ranging from light to dark brown.
#7. Escorts: A person or persons accompanying another or others for protection, guidance or cortesy.
#8. Disconmfort: Something that disturbs one's comfort. An annoyance.
#9. Dents: A depression in a surface made by pressure or a blow.
#10. Mounted: To climb or ascend. To place oneself upon. Get up on something.
#11. Disguised: Having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading.
#12. Ethical: Of or relating to the philosophical study of ethics.
#13. Unmsked: Reveal the true nature of something. Unmask the imposter. Take the mask off of something.
#14. Scowled: A facial expression of dislike or displeasure. A frown with displeasure.
#15. Sympathy: A inclination to support or be loyal to someone or to agree with an opinion.
#16. Sensory: Of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system.
#17. Impetuous: Characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation.
#18. Utterly: Completely and without qualification used informally as intensifiers.
#19. Unsuited: Not easy to combine harmoniously.
#20. Footage: Film that has been shot.
#21. Admision: The act of admitting someone to enter.
#22. Premises: Land and the bulidings on it.
#23. Summoned: Asked to come. Gather or bring together. Make ready for action or use.
#24. Potential: The inherent capacity for coming into being.
#25. Debate:Argue with one another.
#26. Staggered: To walk or stand unsteadily.
#27. Odor: Any prperty detected by the olfactory system.
#28. Spewed: Expel or eject saliva, phlegm or sputum from the mouth. Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.
#29. Beady: Having eyes that gleam with malice.
#30. Astonishing: Surprising greatly.
Main Character
Is the main character good or bad
The plot of the book
The climax of the book
What makes my book a science fiction book
How realistic was the characterization
Would I want to meet any of the characters
Did I like any of the characters
5 important things that happened in the story
What is my opinion of the book

The main character of my book is Pleskit the alien. Pleskit is an important person in the book because half of the story is based on his life and what he does. The second main character of my book is Tim. Tim is the best friend of Pleskit. Tim is an important character in my story because the other half of the book is based on Tim's life and his actions. In my story Pleskit and Tim are important in the book because they have adventures with each other and most of the problems and solutions are made by Pleskit and Tim.
Pleskit is not a bad person because he is very friendly and kind with Tim and his classmates. But at the begining his classmates thought he was a bad person because he zapped Jordan in the head with his powers because Pleskit thought Jordan was attacking him and he wanted to defend himself for protection. Tim is a good friend and person because he wanted to be friends with Pleskit the alien from the begining. Tim was always on Pleskit's side when Pleskit needed help. Tim made his best effort to be a good friend towards Pleskit and Tim tried to make Pleskit as comfterable as he could. That makes Pleskit and Tim good persons.
The setting of the story takes place at school and at Pleskit's house. The setting also takes place in the personal needs chamber of Pleskit. A little bit of the story takes place at Linnsy's and Tim's houses.
One of the plots of the book is when the kids were at recess and Jordan started bothering Pleskit. Then Pleskit zapped Jordan in the head and Jordan fell to the floor. After a few minutes Jordan was uncontient. Another plot of my book is when Tim and Pleskit were at the alien embassy and they were in the room of Mikta-makta-mookta and then Sentor Hargis and Mikta-makta-mookta found Pleskit and Tim under Mikta-makta-mookta's bed. After that Sentor Hargis and Mikta-makta-mookta wanted to erase the information of Pleskit's and Tim's brain.
The thing that makes my book a science fiction book is the aliens. Another thing that makes my book a science fiction book is the technology that the aliens had that didn't exsist and may be from the future. The third thing that makes my book a science fiction book is the alien embassy and how Pleskit zapped Jordan in the head and left him uncontient.
Most of the characters were belivable because they were humans and they were normal. But some of the characters weren't belivable bebcause Pleskit and his family were aliens and Shhh-foop was a creature with tentacles.
Yes. I would like to meet Pleskit because he is not a human and because I would like to know how does it feel to be an alien. I would also like to meet Pleskit because I would want to ask him where does he come from and what is it like in the alien planet.
Yes. I liked Pleskit because he was diffrent and unique compared to the humans and the diffrent characters. I also liked Pleskit because he has a good attitude and he is always trying his best effort. Pleskit always had a positive attitude even when things didn't go the way he wanted them to go. That's why I like Pleskit's character!
One of the 5 important things that happened in the book is when Pleskit made Jordan uncontient. The second thing was when Sentor Hargis and Mikta-makta-mookta wanted to brain-wash Pleskit and Tim. Another important thing that happened in my book was when Pleskit and Tim met at Pleskit's personal needs chamber. The fourth thing was when Pleskit and Tim talked to the brain of the Grandfatherly One's. The last thing that was important in my book was when Pleskit went to talk to the Fatherly One.
My opinion of the book is that it is a great book and that more people should read it. I think the book is very intresting and creative. The book has a lot of adventures and action. I think it is a fun book to read and enjoy. That's is my opinion of the book!
The climax of the book is that Pleskit is trying to get along with the humans so that the rest of the aliens from the planet that aliens come from, can come to earth with their family and friends. The climax of the book is also that Pleskit is trying his best to meet new friends to see if the humans are friendly and trust worthy. That is the climax of the book!
The End!
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