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Lord of the flies/the garden of eden

No description

David Hall

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the flies/the garden of eden

Lord of the Flies/ The Garden of Eden The Apple The Apple of Eden is a symbol of knowledge and its dangerous results and a loss of inocence. On the island the boys learned that their true nature is savagery. The Garden of Eden The Garden of Eden is biblical story in which God creates the earth in 5 days and then created a man and women, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve only had one rule, God forbid them to eat the fruit of knowledge that would teach them right from wrong. One day a snake approached Eve and told her that if she eat the fruit, she would be as smart as God himself. She decided to convince Adam to eat that fruit with her. When they did they realized that they were both naked and made clothes out of leaves. When God saw that they disobeyed him he expelled them from the garden. The Island The island is much like the garden of Eden as it started out a paradise however was ruined when the fruit of knowledge was consumed. As they pursued their savage nature things got worse and worse, much like the garden of Eden. Jack as Eve Jack is Eve because he chose to peruse savagery because of the beast or snake. He disobeyed the rules of the island like the conch and fire. The snake as the Beast The beast and snake are similar as the beast is what temps these the islanders into savagery. It is even stated in the book that you can't escape the best because it is in everyone. The Hunters as Adam The hunters are Adam as they are soon persuaded into savagery by Jack and forget the rules of the island. Paint as fig leaves Paint is like the clothes of fig leaves because Jack uses the paint to show his savage nature. As soon as his his face is painted he hide his former prefect self and becomes a savage. Ralph Simone Piggy and Samneric do not were paint because they are not savages they wanted rescue. "They understood all to well the liberation of that concealing paint brought." "As if this wasn't a good island" Simon page 53 "You knew didn't you? I'm a part of you." Lord of the flies to Simon
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