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Hannah Strebing

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Germany

GERMANY HISTORY CULTURE GOVERNMENT GEOGRAPHY WARS Adolf Hitler involved Germany in World War I and World War II Germany has a federal multi-party government. It also has two legislative houses. FORMATION Before 1871, Germany was split into kingdoms, principalities, duchies, bishoprics, fiefdoms, cities and towns. TYPE OF GOVERNMENT IMPORTANT PEOPLE POPULATION MUSIC/DANCE FOLKLORE FOOD RELIGION LANGUAGE SPORTS/HOBBIES (BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND) EXPORT/IMPORT TOURISM FLAG MAP CLIMATE LAND CAPITAL AND MAIN CITIES The official language of Germany is German (go figure). Germany doesn't have an official religion. Berlin is the capital of Germany Germany's population is about 81,767,600. Other main cities in Germany include:
It is 38% Protestant, 34% Roman Catholic, 1.7% Muslim, and 26.3% other. German Alps Germany's tourist attractions include: Gendarmenmarkt Pergamon Museum Brandenburg Gate Collection of Classical Antiquities Museum of Applied Art
Zoological Gardens Exports Imports oil and gas computers chemical products motor vehicles electronic devices machinery There are several theories on the color scheme of the German flag. The most common of these is that the black and gold relate to the semi-official coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire. The red symbolizes the movement against the Conservative European Order. Brandenburg Gate Germany has been making sausages for centuries. Bread is taken seriously in Germany. Germany is famous for its beer. The most famous German storytellers are the Brothers Grimm. Famous works by the Brothers Grimm include: Cinderella Rumplestiltskin Hansel and Gretel Snow White Sleeping Beauty Rapunzel Famous German composers include: Johann Sebastion Bach Felix Mendelsohn Richard Wagner Georg Friedrich Handel A well-known German dance is the Bandltanz, or the maypole dance. Soccer, basketball, and ice hockey are popular German sports. Ludwig van Beetoven Many Germans enjoy swimming. Germany has a mild climate. It has warm summers and milder winters. Germany has many different types of land. It has plains, marshes, forests, woodlands, and mountains. Adolf Hitler caused the world wars and the Holocaust in Germany. The Berlin Wall, the wall that separated Eastern and Western Germany, fell in 1989, unifying the country. Berlin Wall Adolf Hitler Economy Germany used to use the German Mark (deutchmark), but now they use the euro.
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