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Identifying and describing characters

Evelyn Joy Caintic

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Characterization

CHARACTER * A Character is a person, or sometimes an animal, in a story. * Writers develop their characters by describing how the characters look, what they say, do and think; and how other characters relate to them. "I hate those shoes, and I'm not going to wear them!"
"Katie, what has gotten into you?" asked her grandma.
"You usually like almost everything, but today you act
as if you're mad at the world."
Katie's mom stepped into the bedroom. "She is mad
at the world," her mom explained. "Katie just found out
that her best friend is moving away."
"Oh!" said Katie's grandma. "That happened to me
when I was your age. You know, if you like each other
that much, there are phones and computers. You can
write or call each other every day. You aren't losing a
friend. She'll just be looking out a different window." We can learn about a character by looking at what the
character does and says. Katie is being disagreeable. To understand more about a character, look at what other
characters say and think about them. Grandma says Katie
usually isn't like that. Mom explains why Katie is upset. REMEMBER: * To understand the characters in a story, look at what they say and do.
* Then look at what other characters think and say about them.
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