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Login to learning

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on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Login to learning

A tweet is a piece of text no longer than 140 characters in size, sent as a message via twitter.
concise, efficiently conveyed information
viewed publicly, unless protected
photos, location, and links
Both individuals and organizations use twitter to engage with others.
Log in to Learning
Lauren Andrews, Heather Kenny, Meghan Murphy, and Scott Tobin
To educate the class on various technologies, websites, and applications that can be useful and appropriate in multiple subject areas. Hopefully, the class will take away helpful strategies for effectively implementing these technologies into their future classrooms and lesson plans.
Why is educational technology important?

What are some of the challenges associated with educational technology?
What is Educational Technology?

The study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.
(Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), 2004)
Why do you think EdTech
is important?
The Importance of EdTech:
96% of teachers say it increases student engagement in learning

89% of teachers say that it improves student outcomes

Is a useful method of research in the classroom

Fosters life skills such as collaboration, communication, and creativity
What are the Challenges associated with EdTech?
The challenges of EdTech:


Access to technology

Technology education

Potential for distraction
Google Drive
Useful tool for creating and sharing documents between teachers and students

Readily available worksheets or homework assignments

Google forms can be used as quizzes

Schoology is not your typical learning management system (LMS). We have redefined the LMS to make online education a collective effort and to increase the overall impact of everyone involved in a student's education.
How can I use Socrative in my classroom?
Formative Assessment
Exit Cards
Students can become distracted
Not all students have devices and/or access to Internet on devices
It is time consuming to enter information into the program
using socrative
Socrative is a smart student response system that allows teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Choose the student login on the website, or visit the app store on their mobile device and download Socrative Student.
free online service for social networking
"tweets" can be shared publicly or with a select number of followers
information-sharing / communication tool
instantaneous news / information transmission

Twitter has 241 million monthly users, sending roughly 500 tweets per day, 76% percent of which are tweeting from mobile devices.

Create a teacher account using your email and creating a password. After creating your account you are ready to create and share activities.
How do I find twitter and where do I sign up?
let's give it a try!
Please open www.socrative.com on one of the iPads provided or on your own device.
What is "following",
and who do I follow?
How do I follow? Easy!
Click this button on a
user's profile:
The app and mobile site is useful for students, but limited for teachers

On shared documents there is a chat feature that cannot be disabled
subscribing to another user's tweets, determines what appears in your twitter feed.
users are free to follow any twitter user, however users can protect their tweets.

How do I interact
on twitter?
Apart from viewing tweets on your feed, there are a number of ways to interact with other twitter users.
tagging/direct messaging
using hashtags
Retweeting, replying,
and direct messaging
Options to retweet, reply, or direct message are available on a tweet or in a user's profile.
direct messaging
Need more information?
For more information about
the twitter platform and how to
use it, check out the following links:

What is a tweet?
History of Schoology
Schoology founders Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler teamed up and founded Schoology in the 2007-2008 school year.
Their mission: To reinvent the way technology is implemented in the classroom.
With a goal of improving student outcomes, they realized the need to disrupt the stagnant education technology market by making Schoology available for every educator.
Introductory Video
What is the appeal of Schoology?
Similar layout to Facebook
A holistic teaching experience
Flipping the classroom
Quick and effective communication

Let's take a look ourselves!

Progression of Schoology
Currently present in the NLESD
As of December 2013 there were a recorded
35,000 schools
2 million users
Apple and Android Apps created
Twitter for Education
tool to promote student and teacher engagement / interaction
local, regional, national, and international communities
learning opportunities beyond the textbook
professional development & networking
communication with parents
Why should
students be connected?
value of networking and related opportunities
importance of appropriate online conduct
social media - more than just being social!
and PD
advertise and promote professional development conferences
share details of conference presentations via
engage with other teachers and share resources.
communication tool - networking
education-related hashtags - #EdChat, #EdTech, and #ELearning, among many others.
course and content-specific hashtags
Moving beyond the
classroom and textbook!
school-to-parent information network
share course-related articles, websites, homework help, and other resources
a research tool for students:
engage with experts in a given field
real-world context - anyone, anywhere
increased connectivity, increased engagement
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