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Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Art and Technology

No description

Julianne Hackman

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Art and Technology

Students did a great job following the dress code.
All wore white polo shirts and khaki dresses/pants or black vests.
Shirts must be tucked in. Unless the students are wearing a dress, they must wear khaki pants.
Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Art and Technology
School Organization
Community Demographics
Crime rates in 2009
Average Income
Poverty Level
Racial Composition

It is a large, brick building surrounded by sidewalks and lined with trees.
They started using this building just two months ago when the school expanded it's grades from 6th through 8th to Kindergarten through 8th.
It has four sections:
Pre-K to 2nd grade
3rd to 5th
Middle school (6th and 7th)
High School (8th to 12th )
In the area there are:
21 food service/retail businesses
3 government/legal industries
4 manufacturing businesses
7 industrial businesses
1 healthcare business
67 total violent crimes
124 property crimes
78 total other crimes

crime rate per 1000 people = 143.9
White - 42.1%
Black/African American - 43.4%
American Indian - .1%
Asian - 1.3%
Hispanic or Latino - 9.9%
Two or more races - 3%
Currently 180 K-5 Students
92% African American
4% Latino
4% Other
Gender Makeup: 50/50
11 Teachers
1 Assistant
1 Resource Teacher
50% White
20% African American
30% Latino
4 males, 7 females

"There are two types of teachers- those who focus on changing lives and those who are focused on educating."
"Successful students don't give up on themselves. They won't allow for failure."
"Having that innate stubbornness helps my kids succeed... [a successful student] has a passion for something, and that doesn't have to be education."
In 2010, 90.9% of the houses in the area were occupied
As of 2012, 100% of them were built before 1978
In 2011, there were 15 foreclosures
District is only 2 years old! Elementary is 2 months old
14 Staff Members
Limited Resources
Trying to find more teachers for elective classes.
Located in an area of need
Attempting to start the high school program by next fall.
"Everyday is different and brings new challenges in urban education."
"Do we have enough books, or resources, or people? No. But is that gonna stop education? No."
"[The students] need 10% education and 90% TLC. They have a lot of baggage. Most of our kids just need more love."
A staff that is creative, resourceful, and adaptable
2 teachers speak Spanish, the whole school is teaching Spanish
SURF- Silent Uninterrupted Reading for Fun
"Breaking barriers with education"
Not "artsy fartsy" yet, but getting there
"We see the chaos, parents see the warm machine."
To develop dimensional learners who are prepared academically to compete in global society.
To cultivate academic excellence in children by inspiring minds and imagination through the arts.
GREAAT is a charter school.
Because they are two months old, their funding is limited.
All renovations are to be paid for with private funding.
"Being able to fund the dream is the biggest struggle."
Code of Student Conduct
Students who don't observe these rules in the class room or hallway interfere with the learning and safety of others and minimize their own opportunities to learn.
There are four levels of violations with resulting punishments.
Teachers have the ability to suspend any student as long as:
1. The teacher gives a reason for the punishment.
2. The student has the chance to explain his conduct.
Zero-tolerance Policy
GREAAT Schools, Inc. is run by the CEO, Cynthia Springer.
They have a principal and a board of directors, which consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and director.
GREAAT has a partnership with the YMCA for the Pre-K program.
"Having everything doesn't mean anything if you're not focused on the child."
Mission and Vision
GREAAT has a zero-tolerance policy once they are absolutely certain that the accused person is in the wrong.
In Pre-K to 3rd grade, children stay in the same class room each day.
In 4th to 5th grade, classrooms are changed for special subjects like art, gym, etc..
In high school, classrooms will be changed for each subject.
$52,755 - $62,600
$42,910 - $52,755
$33,065 - $42,910
$23,220 - $33,065

3.85% - 13.35%
13.35% - 22.85%
As Society
In society
Middle class area, well maintained facilities
New building
Limited in its funding
Title 1
Mostly African American
Majority in Poverty
Social capital (networking)
Public school
Small class sizes and small staff
Arts and technology focus
Diverse Staff
White 64%
Black 20%
Hispanic/Latino 15%
Other 7%
2 or more races 4%
Asian 1%

Black 92%
Hispanic/Latino 4%
Other 4%

Black 44%
White 42%
Hispanic/Latino 10%
2 or more races 3%
Asian 1%

Racial Demographics
90% of students qualify for free lunch
Therefore on average their family generates less than $21,756 a year for a family of four

The Surrounding area has much higher Income
52,755-62,600 income per family of four
People in this area have highest education
Student involvement in the Community
Neighborhood community chores
Emphasis on good relationships with businesses
"Everything is zero-tolerance if you can catch it. Zero-tolerance, but with full understanding."
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