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daily life as a ancient egyptian soldier

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zoe kirk

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of daily life as a ancient egyptian soldier

1. What place in society did a soldier in ancient Egypt have?
The soldiers of Ancient Egypt were there to protect the rest of the society. This was important because Egypt was attacked by other nations. The Ancient Egyptian soldiers needed to keep in shape, so as part of their daily routine they made weapons and did physical training. These drills were done in groups of up to 5,000 soldiers. The Ancient Egyptians had many gods but the soldiers had to make an offering to the god of war before a battle. The soldier’s main job was to protect Egypt. This played a large part in society.

2What rights and responsibilities did they have? .

3. What clothing did they wear?

In the Old Kingdom they usually only wore a belt and a small triangular loincloth. They often wore special headgear.
4. What houses did the soldiers live in?
by Zoe kirk
Daily Life as a Ancient Egyptian Soldier

Let me take you on a journey into the lives of an Ancient Egyptian soldier.
Unlike its neighbours to the east who were practically all the time at war with each other, they could choose where and when to move war against foreigners with small, at least partly professional armies. Civil wars on the other hand generally broke out as a consequence of prolonged periods of famine and were waged by factions of the local population.
There are no forests in Egypt so wood is not used for building houses. However, it was soon discovered that the mud left behind after the annual flooding of the Nile could be made into bricks to make homes. Bricks were made by mixing mud and straw and leaving them out to dry in the sun.
The Soldiers liked to play sport and senet in their spare time.
The main training soldiers did was:
Free fighting
Knife throwing

5. What did soldiers do in there spare time?
6. How did they learn to become a soldier
7. How did soldiers learn there duties and there roles?
All Ancient Egyptian soldiers had to go through there basic training when they were beginers. They learnt all there tecniques,duties and roles through there training.
Thank you for listening to my Presintation about Ancient Egyptian soldiers.
both of these pictures are primary sources and they are reliable because they are from a text book.
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