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Mythbusters: College

No description

Erin O'Neil

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Mythbusters: College

I can't go to college. No one in my family has ever gone. Someone has to be first, why not you? What will it take to get your family on board? I'm sick of school! I can just get a job after high school. There's no way I can afford college. Financial Aid I don't know where I want to go or how to apply. Hi, I'm Ms. O'Neil! bigfuture.collegeboard.org I won't fit in at college. find resources I can't go to college because I don't know what I want to study. What's the number one most popular college major? mymajors.com College Edition Scholarships Loans Work-Study Grants Scholarships NEED BASED MERIT BASED Who is eligible for financial aid? YOU! U.S. citizen or permanent resident
High school graduate/GED holder
Eligible degree/certificate program
Valid Social Security number
Males registered for Selective Service FAFSA=Free Application for Federal Student Aid when: after January 1 of the year you intend to start college
how: www.fafsa.ed.gov
You'll need a FAFSA PIN (pin.ed.gov), your SSN, your income taxes, your parents' SSN and their income taxes Do you have a child who receives more than half of their support from you? If yes to any question, you are an INDEPENDENT student. Since you turned 13 have your parents been deceased, have you been in foster care or have you been a ward of the state? Do I HAVE to provide my parents information? Are you homeless? Are you married? But how much money will I get? EFC Loans
Work-Study Your Financial Aid Package THE FAFSA DETERMINES YOUR EXPECTED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION TUITION+FEES - EFC = FINANCIAL NEED What can Ms. O'Neil help you with? finding the right college for you sending applications $$$ scholarship searches FAFSA completion field trips college admissions representative visits internet searches editing essays sending transcripts application fee waivers ACT/Compass registration and prep Types of Colleges 4-year college or university community college proprietary or "for-profit" school not accreditied credits don't transfer expensive Bachelor's Degree Selective Public or Private Associates Degree transfer credits Open Enrollment technical college job training open enrollment but selective programs hands-on
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