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Women and Education in Iran before 1979

How did policies change status of women's education in Iran?

Nassim Abdi

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Women and Education in Iran before 1979

The story of Women & Education before 1979 Coeducation Western Education System: Women's right to vote
Family Protection Acts (FPA) of 1967
changed the minimum marriage age of men and women to 20 and 18 respectively What is Empowerment? Banning Hijab On January 7, 1936 School uniforms : Hat & skirts for girls ; Suite and tie/bow for boys Western Ed in Iran White Revolution
1963 Zahra was born in 1953 in a traditional religious family. She is 13 years old and lives in a small rural town in Isfahan province. She has a 17 year-old sister, who has 2 children. She also has a 12 year-old brother and 3 younger siblings. Her father is a supermarket owner in the town and her mother got married when she was 13.
Recently, a new school was opened in Zahra's town and she is excited and is preparing to attend school the next year. In the summer, before the beginning of the school year, her father receives 2 marriage proposal for Zahra. The school administration sends invitation to all parents to attend a meeting to register their children. What do you think Zahra's family decision will be about her future? Case Study Case Study What are the other paths to improve the situation of women? An Example http://www.ted.com/talks/bunker_roy.html Empower \im-pau(-)r\: to promote the self-actualization or influence of; Enable Total Urban Male Female 61.4-74.4 17.9-35.5 38.3-55.6 Literacy Rates before 1979 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr 1966-76 1966-76 1966-76 Rural 30.1-58.9 25.4-43.6 4.3-17.3 Female literacy rate in 1976: 35.5%
mainly elementary level
limited access to higher education Textbook contents Modernization Changing Socio-cultural Structure Technology (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr A 1971 survey on age of marriage in rural Iran:
37% before or at the age of 13;
57% between the age of 14 to 18
6% between the age of 19-30
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