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Copy of The Guitar


nolan russell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of The Guitar

A quick Intro... Such as... Guitarist's that we know and recognize. Gibson Double Neck SG Fender Stratocaster Ibanez Seven String Triple Neck Electric Guitar Twelve String Guitar Resonator Guitar Banjo Acoustic Bass Guitar Classical Guitar That list could literally go on forever....
but what are they all used for? Many Different Styles....
and Artists! Acoustic Electric Rock Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
steve Vai
Jeff Beck
Joe Satriani
Eddie Van Halen.... Jazz Blues Heavy Metal Who Is The Worlds Greatest Guitarist There are many great Guitarists,
but a few beyond the common
skill level. Tools of the Trade Gibson Les Paul Martin D- 28 Speed Metal Electric Doc Watson Kyle Gass Bob Dylan Pual Gilbert...and his Guitars EVH Jeff Beck Jimmy Page Slash Django Reinhardt Robert Johnson Eric Clapton B.B. King Tony Iomi Spinal Tap Randy Rhoads
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