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Forward Advancement of Strategic Talent (FAST) Program Updat

No description

Kari Lawry

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Forward Advancement of Strategic Talent (FAST) Program Updat

Forward Advancement of Strategic Talent (FAST) Program Update
2012 HR TDR
FAST Competencies and Participants were identified
Julia Dumont - Freight
Donovan Edwards - Truckload
Paty Gonzalez - Menlo
Mike Kucinski - Freight
Lisa McKay - Freight
Stephanie Phelps - Freight
Katie Schrock - Freight
Julie Tyler-Brown - Menlo
What's Working
From an L&D View
Mixed BU Participants
Flexible scheduling (online formal course)

From a Participant View
SME Web Sessions (Hitting Target on content and relating to competencies
FASTForward Coaching
L&D Coach
From a Participant View
FASTForward Teams
Need more interaction
Hands on assignments
Completing Talent Profile
Further discussion
Discussing future aspirations
Formal Learning(MSU)
From an L&D View
In Person Meetings
Spaced learning for formal coursework
360 to align with Competencies
A closer look at FAST Talent
Still to Come
MSU Class
Lean Learning
SME Webinars
Coaching Sessions
Progress to Plan
RBL Assessment
MSU Classes
Coaching Sessions
SME Webinars
Talent Profiles
Program Design
Business Acumen
Conflict Management
Problem Solving
Process Management
Sizing Up People
Strategic Agility
Managing Vision & Purpose

HR Competencies
Ideas to Explore
Rotational HR Program
$45,000 Undergrad Salary
$80,000 Grad Salary
Focused Learning Events
Something else?
Next Steps:
Snapshot View
Snapshot Sheet
Determine what HR talent development is needed
Determine purpose and direction of program
Determine metrics
Consider alternatives
The program as it exists today
Exploring Alternatives
HR Talent Development
Participants + Program = Ready Now Candidates
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