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Community Outreach

No description

Jeni Wergeland

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Community Outreach

How do we get the word out?
Nights created or sponsored by C.O.
It takes a village to make "stuff" happen
Alone, We can do so little. Together we can so do much. Helen Keller
STAR Afterschool Programming
PTO: refreshing!
Winter Public Library
Community Members (STEP, volunteers)
AndreaNorth: SocialSchool4Edu.com
Sawyer County Police officers
Winter Fire Department
American Heart Association
Winter Lakes Alliance
Arthritis Foundation
Sawyer County Gazette
Northwest Connections

WHSM Radio Hayward
James Netz Photography
Winter Booster Club
Youth Basketball: Saturday Buckets
Cable Chamber
Whether in a partnership or self contained, presentations are a great way to address the educational wants and needs of a community.

Paralympic Speakers: Goose & Sean
Ugly Sweater Contest
Digital Playground: Technology Night
Bully Prevention Night
Jump Rope for Heart: $3500 raised!
Monday, June 22nd, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Get bodies in the building!
Activities: During & After School
Let the games begin....
Ongoing & Future Projects
If you build it, they will come. This is the concept we used to get our community more involved in our school. Here are a few activities we used for that:

Little Bit Fit-
weekly exercise group
Crafting classes:
Sewing, Knitting & Looming
Playgroup Fridays:
Families with kids 4 and under. Fridays 10-12 all year long.
Babysitting course:
Students over 11
Photography class:
MOST attended and popular class
Self Defense Class

Weight room/Cardio room usage
: continue and create more
Town & Village meetings:
keeping communication open-spreading the word
: Fridays!
Welcome Baby packages:
Sweet baby bags to welcome newborns

Alumni Project
: Spotlighting the many skills and talents to come from WSD
: PLAY60, Winter Lakes Alliance, STAR...
Baking/Cooking Classes
: Mmmmmm, pie!
Community Outreach
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