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Avogadro's Law

Avogadro's gas law presentation

Shayan Cheraghlou

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Avogadro's Law

Amedeo Avogadro -theorized that relations of masses of same volume of different gasses directly relate to
relations between their molar masses -theory required pressure and temperature to be constant -thought process inspired by the Gay-Lussac law -not accepted by scientific community because of lack of experimental proof Charles Avogadro's Law The Law V n "Any two gases under the same pressure, temperature, and
volume will contain the same number of molecules." -volume is directly proportional
to the number of molecules

-as the number of molecules
increases, as does the volume of
the gas V 1 _______ n 1 = V 2 Treatment by the Community -rejected at first because of lack of empirical proof

-1839 Auguste Laurent derived a mathematical proof of Avogadro's law

-1944 Charles Frederic Gerhardt empirically confirmed the law Applications -air bags in motorized vehicles Ideal Gas Law Gay-Lussac's Law Charles' Law Boyle's Law PV=nRT -inflating a car tires -breathing air into lungs
-shaking carbonated beverages
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