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IRP- My Summer of Pink and Green

Number 4

Taylor Helm

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of IRP- My Summer of Pink and Green

The Essential Question: How does the theme/topic connect with our current society? Characters Lucy Desberg- A smart teen girl who is struggling to find her place in the opening of the business she got started.

Sunny and Yamir Ramal- Lucy's friends who get pushed away by her during her busy schedule.

Gram- Lucy's grandmother whom Lucy cares a lot for, if her Gram is happy so is she.

Claudia- Lucy's sister who just returned from college.

Bevin- An annoying girl who hangs around Lucy but soon becomes very good friends with Lucy.

Anais- The new coordinator who is put in charge of all the preparations, all Lucy wants to do is impress her but Anais pushes her away. With opening her business, Lucy had the last two problems.

In the book Lucy says to the Mayor "I'm sure everything's fine, but you know how it is, it gets stressful when your trying to open a business"(Greenwald199) Character Development Lucy- She started out with her mind set on the business and she wasn't thinking of anything else. Later on in the book she realizes she needs a life change, she is pushing everyone she loves away from her. She didn't want to be the business Lucy as much anymore. She wanted to be the Lucy she used to be. Works Cited By: Lisa Greenwald My Summer of Pink and Green Prezi By: Taylor Helm Summary

My Life of Pink and Green is about a teen girl named Lucy and her family who are opening up a new eco- spa business called Pink and Green. They experience many struggles along the way to opening it. Some of these problems are when Lucy's sister comes home from college but is too busy with her new boyfriend to even pay attention to her.
While trying to get everything prepared for the opening Lucy is pushing all her friends away. What makes it even worse is that no one at the spa seems to need her help but when things start to go wrong the new spa investor looks to her for some help. Opening a Business- Many new businesses aren't successful for very long. Some common problems in opening a business include:
-Not having a enough start up money
-In 2004 a survey was taken of causes for new business closures- 79% was not enough money
-Charging too little
-Companies may close because they are charging too low to beat competition
- Forgetting your friends and family
-Opening a business is time consuming
-"It is equally important, however, that the entrepreneur remembers to make time for family and friends"(Roos6).
-Failed Inspections/ Misfiled papers
-Companies don't stay on top of things and files and paperwork gets misplaced and this leads to failed inspections Count On Me by Bruno Mars A lot is found in the book about friendship and family and whether you push them away or not they will always be there and you know you can count on them.
"10 Common Problems for New Businesses." HowStuffWorks. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 May 2013. <http://www.howstuffworks.com/10-problems-for-new-businesses.htm>.

Greenwald, Lisa. My Summer of Pink and Green. N.p.: Abrams, 2013. Print.
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