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Fall of Aztec Empire

Justin And Morgan. Swag.

Justin Jinning

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Fall of Aztec Empire

Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes, persuades Diego Velaquez to make him commander of a Mexican expidition in search of proclaimed wealth in 1518. Cortes arrives to Mexico in 1520 After arriving, Cortes wanted to claim the land for Spain. The people who were living in Mexico at the time were known as the Aztecs After Cortez talked with the Aztecs, they thought the Spaniards were gods. Cortez sent out Indians to find any Spanish people in the area, and returned with Jeronimo de Aguilar, who became the translator The Spanish and Aztecs start to fight, and the Spanish showed no mercy so they killed many people. The Spanish become victorious with the help of the Tenochtitlans. Montezuma gave them gifts of gold because he didn't know whether or not they were gods. Cortez did not want to leave without anything after he found out that there was gold in Mexico, so he burned their ships to try and make the soldiers fight harder because they were not able to go anywhere else. Montezuma allowed the "god-like people" into his city and allowed them to stay not knowing what it would result in The Spanish steal a lot of gold from the Aztec empire and the Aztec people because they found a large amount of it Cortez tries to force Montezuma to make them stop and the Aztec people got mad, so they stoned Montezuma, who died three days later. The Aztecs fought and killed most of the Spanish people because they didn't want them there anymore. This resulted in the Spanish returning to the Tenochtitlan tribe to try and regroup so they could surprise attack the Aztecs. The Spanish succeeded in this and became victorious, which resulted in Cortes becoming very wealthy. This fall of Tenochtitlan causes the total fall of the Aztec Empire. Soon after, Mexico City is developed and built upon the ruins of the conquered Empire. Which btw is just about this general highlighted area. :P Mexico city soon becomes the center of Spanish America In 1523, Cortes was appointed governor and captain of New Spain. The following few decades, Cortes led many expeditions and explorations throughout western Mexico, and much of Central America. And CALIFORNIA! :O The defeat of the Aztec empire can also be attributed to the widespread of disease and famine. By 1520 25% of the Aztec population had died from small pox, and an equivalent percentage was starving or nearly starving due to low food. Were it not for the efforts of Cortes and fall of the Aztec Empire, it is a possibllity much of the Latin America we know now would not have been discovered.
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