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Kevin Wang

on 1 March 2013

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Struggles in Australia Karl Kruzelnicki is a well known Australian scientest who is best known for his books
and his science commentating on the radio.
Karl was born in Helsingborg, Sweden to Polish parents in 1948. His mother's background was kept a secret from Karl for a long time. His mother told him that she was Swedish and was a Lutheran but she was actually Jewish. Both of his parents were Holocaust survivors Karl's full name is Karl Sven Woytek Sas Konkovitch Matthew Kruszelnicki. Karl's early life Why he came to Australia His family felt insecure in Sweden. There were wars raging in the bordering countries. His parents had been in multiple German concentration camps and his father almost got killed. His family was supposed to go to the USA but Karl had a fever so he had to get vaccinated which cost them the trip to USA. They caught the next boat however, which went to Australia. Early life in Australia The first place He lived in in Australia was a refugee camp in Bonegilla which is near Albury. They later moved to Wollongong. He and his parents lived in a tiny apartment, roughly the size of a station wagon. It was tough in the community. People called him a "wog" and it was tough to fit in. He started to read a lot at the age of 7 and when he was 12, he read a science book everyday. He studied maths and physics because everybody did it. He went to Wollongong University and did science. He has been through many jobs such as film making, being a taxi driver, a labourer,a car mechanic and many other jobs. The struggles that Karl and his family had when they were living in Australia was having trouble speaking English and one day,they got told by a kid who said to them," Be quiet you wogs, speak English"
Another struggle for Karl was that when he attended school he didn't have many friends because he was a wog and most of the school students were Anglos, so there was a very big gap from Karl and them. KARL
KRUSZELNICKI Achievements and Awards THE END These are some of the awards that Karl has received:

In 2002, Dr Karl was honored with the prestigious Ig Nobel prize awarded by Harvard University in the USA for his ground-breaking research into Belly Button Fluff and why it is almost always blue.

In 2003, He received the Australian Father of the Year award.

Last year in 2012, Dr Karl was named as a National Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia Conclusion Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is one of the many great authors and scientist known throughout the world and has been on many television shows and does a weekly science talk back show on Triple J's radio station, which is one of the most well known radio station in Australia.
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