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Problems and Challenges in Nepal

No description

Tripti Giri Giri

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Problems and Challenges in Nepal

* Sanitation

* Clean Drinking Water

* Energy (Electricity)

** Low Standard of Living
Focus on Nepal
Problems Developing Countries HAVE TO face!
Future Projects
* Health and Sanitation Promotion, Toilet Construction

* Education

* Health Camps
* Davis Projects for Peace
* Dumpling Sales
* Creativity (Henna tattoos, NailArt, Jewelry Sales)
* Awareness Sessions
* Snow Shovel
* Bake Sales
* Representation in CGIU
* Annual Dine for Nepal
Initiatives at WC
* Money Breakdown

* People behind it, People benefiting

* Sustainability

* Addressing Needs

* Developing New Ideas
Dine for Nepal
Past Efforts

Problems and Challenges in Nepal
* Water Purifiers Distribution

* Education Supplies

* Biogas Plants

* Sustainable Initiatives
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