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Unit 36: Interview Techniques for Creative Media Production

No description

Rachel Glister

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 36: Interview Techniques for Creative Media Production

Unit 36: Interview Techniques for Creative Media Production By Rachel Glister Question Types; Open; In interviews open questions allow for an interviewee to elaborate on a question and therefore give them a chance to express their opinion. However, it is a great way of making an interviewee talk about a subject that they'd rather not discuss about. Interview Techniques; Hard News; A serious approach
often taken towards a serious topic. Such things as Panorama would be hard news, when they are trying to reveal information that will shock and surprise and not entertain. Interview Structure; 1. Introductional questioning (1-3)
2. Developmental questioning (4-6)
3.Key questioning (7-12)
4. Conclusive questioning (13-15) Closed; These are questions which don't let
the interviewee express there opinion in as much detail
as they would prefer. The usually require a straight yes or no
answer. These questions are good to use for hiding someone's
opinion and stopping them for portraying the truth. Direct; These questions attack the subject
head on. They don't give much room for the
interviewee to escape the question being asked of
them and they much to the point. This particular type of questioning is usually very aggressive and can lead to heated interviews. Suggestive; Suggestive questioning is highly manipulative
and implies the answer before giving the interviewee chance to
answer for themselves. This type of questioning is often used
to discredit the interviewee and does not allow them to portray
their opinions and ideas in the most truthful or objective manner. Combative; Combative interviewing is aggressive
and almost like an attack. It portrays the interviewer is out for answers and will use manipulative and vicious questioning to get the correct answers in which they seek. Light-Hearted; Not at all interviewing
is manipulative and aggressive. Light-hearted interviews are usually for entertainment purposes and a good example is looking at chat shows with celebrities. These interviews are rarely aggressive nor do the questions touch on sensitive areas. Investigative; Interviewing is usually very objective
and proposes to find the the truth about the topic
of conversation or the subject whilst looking at
all of the facts. The questions are usually very
straight forward and do not intend to manipulate
the interviewee. Promotional; When an actor or director releases a
new film, we will often see a new promotional interview to promote it. The questions are very innocent and do not impose on the personal aspects if the interviewees life style. Simon Amstell interviews Bjork:
This type of interview is very Light Hearted. I know this because the interviewer is neither aggressive nor manipulative when asking questions and he does ask any questions in which touch on sensitive areas to do with Bjork lifestyle or personal business. Due to this being a Light Hearted interview it full fills the entertainment purposes. The questions in which are being asked are both open and closed questions but are mainly open. This type of questioning technique is used to gather more information about the interviewee, instead of shutting the question down straight away with a yes or no answer. The interview also includes a clip showing one of Bjork’s new music video ‘Triumph of a Heart’. This is promoting her new music so therefore this interview is as well Promotional. Examples of different Interviews; Jeremy Paxman interviews Michael Howard (News Night):
This type of interview is both Combative and Investigative. It’s Combative due to the interview over all being aggressive. It portrays that Jeremy Paxman wants precise answers and will use manipulative and attacking questioning to receive the answers in which he seeks. A perfect example of this type of questioning would be when he repeats the same question ‘Did you threaten to overrule him?’ over 10 times and when Michael Howard kept avoiding the question, Paxman clearly stated that it was a simple yes or no question. He’s accusing Michael, trying to expand on the knowledge he already knows, manipulating the subject. Many of the questions which Jeremy asks are straight forward and direct. Even though most investigative interviews do not intend to manipulate the interviewee, in which case he does, it includes other aspects of this specific type of interview. It’s only objective, meaning it’s looking at both sides of the argument, which in this case is very argumentative. As Paxman is so determined to get the correct answers from Howard he proposes to find the truth about the topic of conversation whilst looking at all of the facts (the statements being read aloud by Jeremy from people involved with the subject).
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