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No description

Mallory Cromer

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Advertising

Advertising Defined
Nonpersonal promotion which promotes ideas, goods, or services by using a variety of media!
Opt In Email
Banner and Search Engine Ads
Rich Media & Video Ads
Social Media

Promotional & Institutional Advertising
Promotional- Designed to increase sales

Institutional- Create a favorable image for company create goodwill

Types of Media
Print- Newspaper
Broadcast- TV
Internet- Opt In Email
Specialty- Giveaways

Newspapers- Daily & Weekly, National
Magazine- Consumers, Business to Business
Direct Mail
Directory Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Transit Advertising
Broadcast Media
TV- 30 or 60 Second Spots or infomercials

Radio- 10,000 AM & FM Radios Stations reach 96% of all people 12 and over in a week

Thank you!
Speciality Media
Other Outlets
See Page 450 in
Marketing Essentials 2012
Parts of A Print Ad
Advertising Campaign
Group of advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities
Parts of An Ad Campaign
1. Identify Target Market
2. Determine Objectives
3. Establish Budget
4. Develop the Message
5. Select the Media
6. Evaluate the campaign
1. Artwork
2. Titles
3. Body
4. Contact
5. Extras
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