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Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasures

A well explained Book Talk Presentation on Neil Flambe and Tokyo Treasures written by Kevin Sylvester

Abdul Rehman

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasures

Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasure
Authors Message/ Main Idea
I think that the authors message is to never give up and to believe that you can do anything . For example, when Larry was lost at sea Neil still believed that Larry was alive. Neil went all the way to Japan to look for his cousin. Neil sacrificed himself through many pains: he tirelessly won the cooking duel that would've made him a slave forever if he lost which would've lost any hopes of saving Larry who is some where stranded in Tokyo, Japan , he was kidnapped and almost killed by some evil mastermind while searching for the Treasure of Tokyo as he was determined to accomplish his task and stop Hiro's evil plan Another person is Isabella, Neil's girlfriend. She volunteered to stay alone and guard the submarine while the others saved Larry and Neil. She successfully defended the submarine from enemy troops until the others came back but,was shot and suffered savior pain though she didn't care as she had succeed in her task. Thirdly, is Jones the gorilla man (he isn't really a gorilla) he went deep underwater where the water pressure is very high and attempted to destroy Hiro's sub by high water pressure. He was successful in destroying his enemy because he believed he could do it and didn't give up.
Illustrated and Written by: Kevin Sylvester
Brief Summary
In this fourth adventure in the series about Neil Flambe, a teenage prodigy chef, Neil is just settling down to getting his restaurant back in shape after his last adventure when his cousin Larry leaves suddenly for Japan to work on an online manga. Larry and his illustrator Hiro soon disappear and are presumed dead, but Neil notices subtle differences in the comic that lead him to believe they are alive. He travels to Japan, along with his girlfriend Isabella and her bodyguard Jones, as well as his police inspector friend Nakamura, using a cooking duel with villain Nori (Nori and Hiro are different) as a mean of financing the trip. He left his restaurant in charge to Angel Jicama (his mentor) and Gary (Larry's temporary replacement). In between cooking duels with Nori’s chef Kong, the trio find Larry in hiding to prevent more attempts on his life, and they uncover an elaborate plot to find treasure lost by Hiro’s family, former Japanese nobility. Following the clues in a submarine, the group find the treasure under Tokyo Bay, whereupon Hiro attacks them in his own submarine. So, Hiro turned out to be a traitor and just started the manga to make the smart Alec Larry come to Japan to help find the treasure that had documents that would make him the emperor of Japan. While he himself looked totally innocent in the plot. They are later saved by their new found ally, Hiro’s sister Koko who suspected Hiro's plan and was keeping a close eye on him, after a action packed battle Hiro drowns as Jones experience in the army payed off. This is because Jones takes his large sub deep underwater so, Hiro's small sub couldn't withstand the high water pressure. In the end, the treasure is took by Koko and her family, also Neil, Larry, Isabella and Jones safely return to Vancouver, Canada after suffering great pain in their adventure. Neil was very excited and happy that Larry was back with him and continued on with his normal chef life but, he had veteran rank experience with cooking which would help him in his future career.
The title of my book is Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasures; the fourth of the four books in the Neil Flambe Capers series written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester. Additionally, I have read all 352 pages of this fiction novel. There is currently no movie based on this book and there is currently no notice of a movie to be produced. For those of you who haven't read this series before I continue on I will introduce you to some of the main characters. Neil Flambe is one of the characters; he is very cranky at times but, he is a top-class chef living in Vancouver, Canada. Larry Flambe is the cousin of Neil. He has a great sense of humor and always gives his effort; he lives near Neil and always keeps in touch. Isabella Tortellini is Neil's friend. She really admires Neil's cooking and is a perfumery Queen of Italy but, she lives in Vancouver. Sean Nakamura is a police inspector is and a friend of Neil . He always helps Neil when he is in need and usually relies on Neil when there is a food based problem. Angel Jicama is Neil's mentor; he is always stopping Neil from getting into trouble and is giving him tips about life especially cooking. Jones is Isabella's bodyguard. He doesn't like Neil at all but, respects his effort and the way he changes Isabella's. mood when in tragedy. Nori used to be Angel's friend but, now is an enemy because of Neil so, he would do anything for Neil to come to Japan. Hiro is an evil master-mind who has gone psycho because of a treasure under the sea that is not being found. Now that you know some of the characters you may understand my book talk with more efficiency.
Response to the Book
Cover of Neil Flambe and the Tokyo Treasures
Character Connection
I think that this was a great book with a fast pace and was interesting from beginning to end and I would rate it five out of five stars.This book kept my attention from the start of the first book all the way to the end of the fourth book (the last book) unlike some other books similar to this text which were only interesting near the middle of the book. There were so many parts in this book that really surprised me. For example, when Larry's fake funeral was held they insulted him in his memorial for about two pages and treated him like a dog. Personally, that was the last thing I thought would happen because a funeral is meant to be a sad, gloomy day. Additionally, when everyone was ready and set go home nearing the end of the book; Isabella got shot and some how survived when it totally looked like she was going to die as her main veins/arteries were ruptured and was in horrific shape. Also, I really respected and understood the book better when the author narrated to: introduce characters, explain the setting, and explain an event in the book. I would recommend it to people who like mystery, suspense and humor books. I would also recommended this book to people who are looking for a new series to read. I think that this book is appropriate for grade 6 and up because some of the content may be disturbing for younger readers as there is some drug influence, suicide influence, blood scenes once in a while and Mafia (criminal) related people in the book.
I think the character Neil shares some similar traits. For example, when Neil was reported that Larry had been lost at see he went into his office and didn't come out until he had everything solved and planned to save Larry. When I'm worried, I also go some where quiet and just settle down and think about everything step by step. Additionally, I'm very curious, interested and confident while doing my tasks just like how Neil is. For example, in the text when Neil is working in the kitchen he gives his all, he examines haiku that Niro sends him with great curiosity and interest. Also, Neil is very emotional about his family and friends. For example, when Isabella got shot Neil stayed with her for a long period of time keeping her calm and cheering her up. Similarly, when my brother broke his arm I stayed with him until he is was okay to stay on his own and be able to move.
Other books in the series
Thanks for Listening!
Hope you Enjoyed!
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