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Cell Analogy

No description

Madalena Cardoso

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

The Mini Hospitals Inside of Us
The Front Desk
The front desk and the people who work the front desk can see everyone who goes in and out of the hospital just like the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell.
Storage Bins
Like the vacuole, the storage bins in the hospital can hold things that are needed by hospitals but can also store waste that isn't wanted so that the hospital isn't contaminated.
The security is like the cell wall because it protects the hospital and makes sure nothing bad gets in just like the cell wall protects the cell
Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees controls the hospital
and knows what goes on in it just like the
nucleus controls the cell
The pharmacy is where the pharmacists
are and where they work just like the
nucleolus is where the ribosomes are made.
The doctors work together with the Board to make the hospital run smoothly just like the cytoplasm together with the nucleus make the cell run smoothly.
The pharmacist makes medicine for people to take just like ribosomes make
proteins for the body to use
Mail Department
The mail department is like the rough ER because it sends things out and delivers things within the hospital just like the rough ER moves things through the cell.

The laboratory is like the smooth ER
because it is where test are taken
and sent out from just like the smooth
ER synthesizes lipids to be sent to the cell membrane.
Stretchers are like the Golgi apparatus because the patients are secured to the stretcher and then carried to other locations like the Golgi packages and sends out proteins
Trash Disposal
Janitors and the trash disposal are like the lysosomes because they clean all the waste and mess in the hospital and also break down the food and other waste to be disposed of. Lysosomes digest the food in the cell and clean out waste.
Power lines

Power lines bring energy to the hospital and the generators help bring energy when there is a storm or power outage so the hospital always has power just like the mitochondria bring energy to the cell all the time
Rules of conduct
The Rules of Conduct are like the chromosomes because they tell the hospital how it should function and are like a universal set of instruction. Similarly the chromosomes have the genetic information to be passed on to other cells.
Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis
Both occur in plant cells
Provide power for cellular activity
Both occur in organelles
Work together, make a cycle
Produces energy
Occurs in mitochondria
Occurs in plant and animal cells
Produces energy by breaking down food
Absorbs oxygen, releases carbon dioxide

Requires energy
Occurs in Chloroplast
Occurs in plants and some bacteria
Produces food by using energy
Absorbs carbon dioxide, releases energy

Cellular Respiration
By: Madalena Cardoso
The cafeteria makes food to provide energy for the patients like the chloroplast makes food for the cell to later turn into energy.
The Hospital Cycle
There are doctors and equipment in the hospital
Sick patients come in and get treated by the doctors
The hospital gets money for curing the patients
The hospital has money to pay doctors, hire new ones and buy or upgrade equipment.
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